** EVE Echoes - "Istvaan V Survivors" - New player friendly corp recruiting **

** EVE Echoes - “Istvaan V Survivors” - New player friendly corp recruiting **

Hi there Pilots,

A new eve echoes corporation “Istvaan V Survivors” is recruiting friendly active players.

After playing solid from launch day, EVE echoes is the real deal and we need new pilots to help us conquer New Eden mobile, please apply in game or message Jaghatai Khan or Krihan Imnar.

This is not an EVE Echoes forum, so I would suggest you try using the EVE Echoes discord. At least for now there isn’t a forum for the mobile game version, as far as I know.

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I’ve seen other eve echoes posts on here so don’t see the problem sorry but thanks for the interest.

He’s not interested, he’s telling you, Eve echoes officially is on discord with their own CCP devs. Nobody here can help with any echoes issues you may have. Yes you are seeing other echoes posts but they are being redirected to the discord.

He posted a corp ad, a recruiting post, not a request for help with issues.

Not sure if it is forbidden to post such stuff here (even based on the above post of the ISD) but aside of that it is not an unreasonable assumption that there are EVE:O players who play Echoes as well (I personally know several such for example) so unless it is outright forbidden by the rules it is not unreasonable to post a recruiting thread here as well (aside of also approaching the official Echoes discord and later the official forums once it goes live).

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cheers mate, common sense at last :slight_smile:

Still taking applications, 22 members now and growing strong