Eve Echoes

Good to see CCP announcing Eve stuff here first.

Looks like monthly sub and cash shop. Another CCP game I will be avoiding.

I’m pumped
but i think will be a flop
but I’m pumped

edit: btw my cell phone is more powerful than my mac anyway LOLOLOLOL

Pretty sure my iPad is more powerful than my PS4 at this point, too :laughing:

Chat during ccp twitch anounsement was epic. Was probably a misstake using chinese people with little english knowlege to do it :laughing:


Ahh this echos familiarity with Firefall the game, they tried to go mobile too after their original game went into a death spiral and their ingame item store, and was also set in “New Eden”

Having played in the beta of EVE Echoes I can honestly say that I like the game; it’s maintaining all the core pillars, Resource gathering, Production and Destruction, that EVE is build on and it wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t.

I played for a couple of hours but got bored, playing on you mobile with a small screen is not good…

I have a Samsung s8 at the moment but plan to upgrade to a Pixel 4 XL


and what is your problem with that?
its a different game … EVE Echoes is not EVE Online …


Tried the beta, it was god awful - as stated elsewhere

Edit for a bit more substance:

It is Eve light, but with terrible game-play on a small screen - does not appear to have been properly designed for mobile platforms.

Will attract existing Eve players to a degree, non Eve players (if they can stomach it) will probably move to Eve proper (not such a bad thing for Eve, but no good for echoes).


I hear that pvp is not allowed in hisec and fitting and weapons are completely different.

Right, I already pay a monthly fee to play Eve, why would I pay a second monthly fee to play Eve lite?

Why would you need all those other games you bought?

I don’t play any other game with a subscription. I will buy a game outright and play it for a change of pace, but I am not going to pay a subscription.

Pay with ISK -> PLEX?

If CCP/NetEase lets me link my Eve Echoes account to my Eve account so I can use my Eve ISK to pay for my Echoes sub, then maybe I will try it, but it would be a stretch still.

I played the Beta, it wasn’t fun enough to play if I have to pay. And it is so close to Eve that I might as well just play Eve.

I would gladly play an Eve based mobile game if it wasn’t a new Eve shard on a cell phone.


thats a problem? why? just dont play it … lol … problem solved …


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Didn’t seem that different to me; what’s different about the game was that you play it differently due to it being on mobile devices as these have some limitations.

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