World creation, EVE vs One Piece

Those who watch One Piece will understand what I am talking about - maybe : )

The developers of EVE must know that they are not creating and selling to players a “game”, (like tetris), they are creating and selling an entire “fantasy world”. If this fantasy world is not fascinating, if there is no big and seemingly untouchable dragon somewhere, then the world loses 50% of it’s appeal. It only remains a pretty space “game”.

Null sec established alliances could be the “Yonko”. New players are the Straw hats, starting out. They either become Brave Newbies and go to the Grand Line (null sec), or - they don’t and stay in high (enjoying EVE more as a game than a world), or they could go in but ally with the Yonko, or infiltrate and betray the Yonko, etc.

If someone gives these new players a tool (entosis link) - to “make the game fair” against players that were already playing for a long time, then all this mystique of null-sec or “grand line”, populated by scary forces, is gone. This new tool does not attract but repels new players from the game (and older players alike), because it takes away from the nature of the world.

“But new players have no chance!” some might say. Of course they don’t and that’s how it should be. New players have frigates, older players have carriers. This is a trademark of EVE Online compared to other games, and if it’s lost (or functioning at 50%), EVE becomes just another game.

Right now with entosis links warfare has just become boring.
EVE should return to the rules before fozziesov - if you want to destroy a structure you shoot at it, with guns. If you don’t have enough guns, it will take longer and the defenders will pop up, and if you bring enough guns you also are commiting to a fight.

What should be kept: activity indices, these could boost the hp of sovereignity structures. With those indices at 0, a small cruiser or even a destroyer fleet should be able to reinforce the sov structures in a reasonable amount of time (15 min?). There - help for the new guy. But that would still be a fleet going in there, not trollceptors with magic wands running around. Fleet going into enemy territory always means fun in EVE.

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Hmm, a unique brand of tears we have here.

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+1 OP.

Less safety ->
less fake equality and pseudo fairness for the weak simpletons ->
less weak simpletons ->
more fun and excitement.

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What’s the point of fozziesov?
You no longer need a fleet, one player can capture structures. This helps new players conquer null.

Maybe, but why this convoluted approach, when activity indices were all that was needed? Using entosis links and running around chasing nodes feels so gimmicky, and warfare has become boring.

Activity indices - with sovereignity structures having very low hp when the indices are low, were all that was needed.

Maybe I am bad at explaining.

In short: using entosis and fighting entosis (and the node pop-up game) - is boring, and it does not feel like space war, more like some pinball game or something. What’s an entosis? I won’t fit one on my ship, my ship is made for something else. What are pop-up nodes and what do they have to do with conquering space?

And - using guns to shoot structures and to fight fleets, that is fun, and straightforward, and space-war like.

Want to add more diversity or strategy in space wars? Add “terrain topography” in EVE. Things like those wormholes effects. Region choke-points, high ground, low ground, etc. Simple example, what I thought about just now, in 1 minute: some star systems allow for a bigger jump range than others, and because of that they are more valuable. Stuff like this.

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