New player and new player retention is crucial!

Regarding emphasis and effort in the upcoming CSM:

We need members to work on new players, retention, and enthusiasm.
Subtleties of PVP and null-sec have already been a major topic of CSM efforts, and they have won a lot of attention. FW, WH, LS, NS, events and the NPE are old topics.
Let’s work to regain several thousand daily subscribers, and beyond.

This will be even more relevant with Starfield and Star Citizen and No Man’s Sky competing.
But the differences are huge, we can keep Eve’s identity.
I think this is the time to work on it.

I will work toward this.


Alright. How do you propose to draw new players and retain them?

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I got 15 votes. I’m with this guy, do explain better please. How?

Starfield is single player.

Star Citizen isn’t real.

No Man’s Sky has no PVP.

These aren’t competition.

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I agree, those games are vastly different, and indeed Eve’s identity should be kept unique.

Probably not what you intended to mean, but the point of games is not to be clones of other games.

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