The Key to Future Success in EVE

Gonna make this as concise as possible. The purpose is to equalize the NPC and PC options in the game to allow them to be equal.

1 - Allow the established 0.0 empires control up to one region in space. This includes faction police. This includes possible agents of friendly high-sec NPC corps. It will be an an entirely different style of gameplay.

2 - Allow factions (pirates) and PC (militias) to fight over and adjust the security of high-sec space. This should allow there to be a low sec split between Minmatar and Caldari space. This will force 2 (or 4) market hubs and additional content.

4 - Spawn additional space as empires form. Opening up new space will allow smaller alliances to make a name for themselves. If a null-sec entity like Goons claims Delve then spawn new space to the south and west of them. Completely random spawns.

That is all. Thanks for reading!

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You fail to explain how this will actually make content.

Players create content. More players, more content.

1, 2 and 4. What happened to reason number 3? Anyways:

  1. I don’t know enough to comment on this suggestion.
  2. So you’re suggesting a mechanic that would change the security status of a system? Systems that are high sec today could be low sec tomorrow? That could shift our strategies, and certainly make things a tad less predictable.
  3. Any idea of increasing the number of systems will get a lot of pushback. One problem is, because the online player count is low, it will create even more empty systems than what exists currently.

Not all players make content.
And nothing about this explains why it will magically make more players.

  1. Yes. I am suggesting that the PC corporations and NPC corporations play by the “same rules”
  2. Increasing the number of systems is the only way to get more players. People in the sandbox have been decreasing all the time. The only way forwards is diversity and expansion.

And by corporations I am also referring to Alliances / Factions.

Nonsense. Increasing the number of systems is how you lose players because the more you spread out the population the fewer interactions you have between players and the less incentive those bored players have to stay. The way to get and keep new players is to reduce the amount of space and force conflict over resource shortages, increasing the amount of content and giving those new players a reason to remain paying customers.

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That is why EVE has been bleeding players? Tell me more!

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  1. Two things.

Themepark gameplay has not helped eve grow in numbers. We’ve been getting more and and more themepark gameplay over the past few years than ever before. It has never once lead to an increase in players…

The other is pets are bad. Pets takeaway activity and opportunities for actual players. There is no way this can lead to more content. Just like you said ‘players make content’ not their npc guard dogs.

  1. Comes up everynow and then. But no one has yet to make a better argument for it other than ‘wouldn’t it be cool’.

  2. Infinite space…seriously?

You definitely need to rename the thread to ‘wouldnt it be cool if’. That sums up this thread better than the current title.

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There has never been an increase in available space other than wormholes.

What the actual F__CK is a pet as you describe a player.

It sounds as though you think every NPC FW player is a PET.

What does this mean?

And? Didn’t you say:

This is unlimited space right?

Also, the game does not understand what an empire is. So how do we know when we need to spawn yet more space?

Obviously the implication is that the game be changed.


How does a null entity control space. Including faction police?

You can’t just handwave away a major problem like that. What will the game be changed to so that your feature can work? How will you define “empire” in a way that the game can recognize one and modify the map appropriately in a game where much of the empire building occurs outside the game?

Don’t know where you people get your facts from but you’re wrong. More importantly, what you posted is pure nonsense.

Space is a vast empty vacuum sparsely populated with stars, nebulae, interstellar dust, bits of rubble, planetoids and asteroids.

The OP does have a point, all the existing ‘space’ in Eve has pretty much been colonized by super large Alliances who have way more than they need. New Alliances can’t really establish themselves by claiming Sov like the old Alliances did in the past.

That is up to the GMs and game designers to figure out.

Like when we changed sov mechanics and every major block retracted their zones of control?

Where was the gold rush for small groups to claim space as neighbours of goons and panfam??

Oh right.

And how exactly does adding more space help? New alliances can “establish themselves”, but only because nobody cares enough to stop them and no additional content is generated. All you’re doing is giving the RMT farmers and renter trash more stuff to farm. The way to break up the major alliances/coalitions is to remove space. Remove systems, remove resources, and leave them with too little to meet their demands. Now those alliances are forced to break up and fight over the remaining resources instead of unifying against all outsiders.

IOW, you don’t have a useful idea to propose. Why post inane “LOL HAY GUYS I HAVE AN IDEA” thread if you aren’t going to provide enough detail for it to be a useful starting point to a conversation? Or even establish that it is possible at all?

So what you’re saying is you essentially don’t hace an idea…you barely have the beginning of a concept.