3rd party capsule transport/multiple pilots in ships

If my friend is heading to Jita and I need a ride, I think it’d be pretty wild if I could log on quick, board her ship (or contract my pod to her), log off, and the next time i login I’ll be sitting in Jita 4-4. If I login while in transit, I’ll simply be enjoying a free ride for a bit.

This idea isn’t new, but I think it warrants a revisit.

Considering the size of these ships we’re flying around, it seems sort of silly to think they wouldn’t have room for multiple capsules.

And how cool would it be to split modules on a ship between passengers? I could take other pilots with me in my ship and delegate certain functions (modules) to them.

Uses for this could include:

Introducing new players to an in-game experience in-game, ie log on and board my ship with me and we’ll go on a roam or do this lvl4 mission together. We’ll only be losing my ship if it goes south. Obviously both pods would be at risk should the ship explode.

Complex roles like capital ships (faxes) and logi piloting could potentially be carried out by two (or three?) separate pilots. Think driver and gunner.

Capsule transport like described above. Not having to be online for the ride would be amazing.

An EVE Online carrier can’t carry multiple pilots to a battlefield. I think this needs to change. Maybe this can be a new role for just the carriers? EVE Online’s first troop transport role. And fleet hangar ships are boardable from inside the ship: a true carrier role.

Allowing a 2nd pilot to board your ship ensures at least one of you can go afk without sacrificing full control of the ship. This could play a role in ongoing, extended fights (TiDi?), operation behind enemy lines with no docking options (or wormholes), etc.

I’m sure there could be many other uses. What about someone simply tagging along as a reporter? Or how about a fleet commander who’s ship just blew up and he needs to hop into another ship quick so he can continue his role? And of course there are many, should we say devious (or nefarious), reasons to board someone’s ship which I probably don’t have to explain. I think this could add a new layer of multiplayer-ness to the game heretofore unseen in the MMORPG realm, correct me if I’m wrong.


And that is where this idea ends up.

It is not allowed to share your account by the rules, this is pretty much it. I know that everyone is workarounding this with remote access, but I don’t think it is completely legit either.

I like the idea of transporting capsules, but CCP removed the ability to actually contract them few years ago (it used to be possible) so…

And then you also need into account how many times was this idea proposed in past and whether we got it or not. In fact, was there ever any player suggestion (besides the smaller ones in the designated thread) that was ever implemented? I am not old enough EVE player to know, but I don’t recall any so…

Kind of a reach calling it “account sharing”, don’t you think?

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Poor reading comprehension much?

I’m not sure if actually contracting capsules was ever a thing (it certainly wasn’t back in 2009 when I started playing.) Supposedly you could grab someone’s pod and put it in your inventory, and people did that to keep people hostage. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to figure out why that “feature” was removed.

I think the only way to make this work properly is to add jump clones to the current transportation contract system. There’s too much avenue for abuse if you actually contract the active pod.

Multicrew ships have been asked for a while, on many different threads. The idea isn’t terrible, but eve’s current ships are balanced for only having one pilot (there’s really not enough going on to demand more than one pilot.)

So, in order to make the suggestion happen, CCP would have to specifically design multicrew ships. I’m not against the idea, but it’s not something we’ve seen before so we wouldn’t know how good it would be until after CCP created the ships. I would expect such ships would be limited to caps. And perhaps the secondary roles could be filled with new pilots without the skills for the ship (which would give them a feel for flying large ships.)

Aren’t there capital ships you can dock like stations, well with some restrictions, already?

They have corp hangers and cloning bays, but that’s not the same as docking in them. You’re talking about some pretty old systems to, so im not sure they’d dare to mess with them.

The Rorqual (and Orca too?) has maintenance bay and fleet hangar, so you kinda can dock it, can’t you?

Lol what? No that was never possible. It seems you have no idea how are capsules obtained in inventory do you? You get them under specific circumstances when a character from your corporation is biomassed. Back then you could contract those empty capsules to someone else to transfer them for you (since they cannot be repackaged they can only be transferred with a ships with a fleet hangar such as Orca). CCP removed this abilitiy, in fact I think you cannot even trade them at all, but I need to confirm this later I am not sure about that right now.

If by"docking" you can mean you can swap your current ship with one stored inside, then yes you can. I don’t think you can eject your ship into Orca and stay in capsule though. And either way this is not the same what OP wants.

Yes, that would be totally enough and I would like that myself. OP just needlessly mix multicrew ships into the feature which makes it needlessly complicated to implement and less likely to be accepted by player base / implemented by CCP (which chance is already 0% anyway).

Shrug, it was something Hilmar said in an interview a few years back. It was likely removed in the first few months after the game launched.

You can have like 15 jump clones now. This is absolutely a solved problem. You can even have friends move those jump clones for you in a Rorqual or a Titan.

Unless of course your actual objective isn’t really about arriving in Jita but is instead about safely going AFK.

Can you imagine ganking someone and 5 pods come out

How does a relative large amount of possible clones solves the need to move them around EVE?

I myself have a clone with implants setup I want in null, but I don’t want to use the daily jump to get there and travel back. If we also had elite synchronizing (which I suggested already) then ok, but I need that jump for something else everyday.

If I could make a courier contract to get it to Jita then that would be more content for all of us. Right now my only real option is to destroy it and re-buy implants which is something I don’t want to do due to the price.

Griefer’s paradise.

Two people in one ship is literally half the content. That’s not how maths works.

I am not talking about sharing controls. That is nonsense. I am talking about courier-ing jump clones.

I suppose that is not going to be ultra popular, there probably won’t suddenly be hundreds of these contracts every day, but every such contracts equals to more content for haulers and pirates. EDIT: and additionally the never undock carebears will get a chance to leave their home station for a once :smiley:

Seriously, what is a downside of jump clones being transportable by other players? What does this feature removes from your gameplay? Why do you think it is bad idea?

I don’t think so. I mean, that’d be cool, but I don’t think they’d “specifically have to” do this. And ship’s aren’t balanced with a single pilot in mind. I highly doubt devs are considering this variable when designing a ship. Adding a 2nd or 3rd set of implants, sure, that would be OP, but this wouldn’t be allowed for obvious reasons. Adding a 2nd “operator” of modules at most means the pilots can split roles, and more eyes watching for heat damage maybe. Efficiency would potentially go up, but the ship isn’t more powerful.

Personally I think it’d be cool to have one person managing my tank while i was focused on target acquisition/destruction. Would be cool to see this on a marauder or dread.


You already have jump clones.

It’s not CCPs problem that you can’t strategically place them.

But maybe they should offer a service where they charge you $2.99 (no plex or ISK) to instantly teleport you wherever you want, with no cooldown whatsoever!

I love people lol

I asked this question to the other nay-sayer and didn’t get answer.

If we talk only about a possibility to set a courier contract with a jump clone, then what is wrong with this idea? Is there any downside of this idea I don’t see? Does this idea removes any gameplay to you or anyone else? Or you are just against it because it is the EVE’s folklore?