Multi-Player Ships

I’m sure that this has been suggested before… at least it stands to reason someone has thought about this:

But, I am wondering how much discussion has gone into allowing multi-person ships in game.

This would yield a variety of new player community experiences and content. Here are some examples-

-A multi-turret mining vessel- each pilot with 2 to 3 strip miners under their control on a larger vessel.
-A multi-turret battleship- each pilot controlling a set of turrets and targeting.
-‘Manned’ drones for more tactical gameplay
-Hauling services that transport people in addition to their ships
-Multifunction exploration ships

This would allow for a richer shared experience between players, expand the social dynamic, create ‘multikills’ for the pvpers, foster corporate interdependence, enhance collaborative pve activities, etc.


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I would love to use an alt account to infiltrate into a corp, and onto their shiny expensive ships, take up a gunner’s seat right before a fight and… not shoot anything.

And of course, I’ll only ever be putting my own alts in to co-pilot my own ships. Not going to risk having someone malicious, or just plain old stupid on board with me.

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If you want something like that go play Elite Dangerous, I don’t feel like this would go very well with the community because it would probably be pretty unbalanced, or pretty hard too balance. Im not trying to crush the idea but thats just my opinion.
Edit: I mean the manned drone/fighter idea is alright, but thats also in elite dangerous and i feel like a first person of eve wouldn’t really go too well… I don’t know though, i would give more reasons but im pretty busy irl right now so i have to go.

At least one reason it hasn’t been done yet is the code. Apparently you break the game by having players occupy the same ship.

Well, we already have multiple people ‘manning’ stations now… including defenses so its definitely possible to code…

As far as ‘breaking the game’ goes, it would indeed take a drastic step away from the ‘one person-one ship’ identity. However, Eve continues to re-invent itself on a regular basis so this might breathe some new life into the game.


I don’t think its the same with structures. For one that’s brand new code. But when it comes to how ships behave, you’re talking miles of spaghetti that may have to be rewritten from the start.

You can community test this idea right now by splitting your mining lasers into two groups, grabbing a friend, and having them press F2 while you press F1

It’s a magical shared experience


Only one person can man the guns on a upwell structure. If you are talking about POS-guns, each gun was a separate structure that only allowed one person to control it.

You’ve got it all wrong.

Shoot the blues!

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How you gonna manage 'active ship’s for both of them or either many of them, who’s gonna undock and warp, how would that look from the UI perspective?

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