Solo party and launching frigate escape pod

Cool ideas for solo gamers to have a more emergent and diverse gameplay.

  1. Allow us to launch the frigate in the escape pod and control it like a drone sort of. Add a button to quickly switch between the battleship and frigate.

  2. Let us log in 2 and maybe all 3 characters on same account at once within same client. So our characters on the account can be much more useful.

Might cut into multiboxxer account profits but maybe not since people will buy more multiple trainings certificates.

No lol

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Why not? Some people like to play with themselves. The gameplay “action” ain’t going to get much better for a 21 year old game. This way can add more physical skill cap to the game. Some RTS elements if you will.

You can already eject from your battleship and fly around in the frigate until it’s time to enter the battleship again. It’s risky though as people can board and steal the battleship while you’re outside it.

For your second point: if you wish to multibox you will have to pay multiple subscriptions. Having multiple characters on one account is still very useful though even without multiboxing.

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EVE is not a single player game, not matter how much you want it to be. If you want the features you listed, go play Elite Dangerous in Solo.

And it won’t be with those changes. The frigate one can be like NPCs that follow you. Doesn’t mean there can’t be more for solo players.

EvE is not a solo game, regardless of how much you carebears want it to be. If you want more diverse game play, stop hiding from the parts of the game you’re afraid of and go conquer them.

Maybe reeducate yourself as to what an escape pod is. If you want a remote controlled frigate, buy a Gecko, pretty much the same stats.

As someone with 13 characters spread over 8 accounts, this makes no sense. The cost for an account auto-renewing is the same as a MCT, so there’s zero financial incentive for anyone on either side to do this.

Precisely. I’ve got DST pilots on 2 of my main accounts. Since that’s all they’ll ever fly, I don’t need a dedicated account or MCT for them, but do need them Omega at all times unlike my mining/cyno alts.

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