2 & 3 seat Ship

I have an Idea that might create a new twisty to game.
Create a ship which two or three people operate!
One could fly, second could target and shoot, third could repair/comm/drones.
Tasks could be divided as needed I guess.
of course this would take people with high quality, high speed internet, but would make for more realist action.
It could be a skill, that would be applied to any ship.
All skills and pilot upgrades would upgrade ship.
I don’t know if this is even possible ?

Base on the eve lore one capsuleer is more than enough to fully operate a ship .But on the bigger ship there are crews to support the capsuleer and the crew size is only a few compared to those that don’t have capsuleer (npc ships).
So don’t worry of being alone cuz there’s always your crews with you to the abyss of space( amarr is slaves)


You could have the most horrible internet on this planet and it wouldn’t matter, as the server does not respond in real-time. It responds in 1 second ticks…

so it may be possible ?

Meaning, there’s no benefit. It doesn’t matter if you have 3 players piloting a ship, each with a reaction time of .25 seconds. The command still won’t be processed by the server until the next tick…

interesting thanks for feed back

There is also the “small issue” of the base code of the game.

Years ago, someone proposed a “Hive ship” where people could dock, refit, store things, etc.
Basically a mobile citadel (see: what Titans were supposed to be).

The problem, as stated by a DEV, was the the game’s code REALLY does not like it when two players occupy the same space at the same time (see: something about the server code screaming eldritch words and attempting to throttle people through the screen).

Not sure if that particular bit of code was ever revised or worked on… but given that we still cannot switch between characters on the same account without logging out first, it is a safe bet that they have not.
(see: revising base code in a way that does not make all other systems that rely on said code spaz out is actually pretty hard).

Oh… and in case you are wondering; no, stations (even citadels) don’t count. When you dock you are actually “removed” from space altogether.


The games engine couldn’t even handle station walking let alone having multi person ships.

i heard of a rumor that there’s a cool new game with that feature. - star citizen or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Proposed many times, each answered the same.

At the end of the day, there’s neither a lore reason, nor a gameplay reason for it. A single pilot can operate a ship as well as 3 can… and I sure as ■■■■ wouldn’t trust anyone inside my ship.

“Dude you’re shooting our… oh. You’re the spy. RIP my ship (just got called primary)”.

That and as was mentioned, the code literally starts strangling a kitten with a dead puppy whilst intoning demonic incantations if a dev thinks about implementing something of that nature.


If we can fly a Titan with just one capsule, what sort of ship would need 2-3 of us?


LOL, no.

lol I understand “can your Buddy be trusted”

The “Friendship” would. Would you come fly my Friendship with me?:smiling_imp:

Amamake? Top belt?:heart_eyes:

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