Ferrying passengers? (More than 1 capsuleer in a ship)

Thoughts about taking on passengers? Perhaps a long bus ride in a shuttle out to null sec, or landing in a capital ship maintenance bay for repairs? Or, perhaps, a transport, to get capsuleers back into the fight after re cloning from a war or a fleet roam.

Perhaps also for those who are willing to to pay for a shuttle ticket rather than gate hop 50+ times…

For potential hunter, this could also equate to multiple kills,or simply more interactive get me out of here from the passengers should things go upside-down



I wouldn’t mind, it brings about interesting game play options.

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Not against this, doubt something like this will ever get implemented =(

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Thats why if its a battleship that goes kaboom, there’s a frigate escape bay for a fast and get the f out ship.

for this to happen, the person doing the transporting would have to put up a lot of isk as an insurance, in case the ship goes boom with the pods inside. Sure the passengers would pay for the service, but the provider would have to pay to guarantee safety of the passengers.

We are not talking about a single capsuleer and his escape ship… that’s not what I’m proposing.

As for insurance. I’m not sure what you mean by that either.

I’m talking about catching a lift with another capsuleer… as to how ccp might implement it , if it came to pass another matter

But this a forum section for ideas… so, I’m throwing in an idea… let’s see what happpens

It’s like Uber, they have to pay extra insurance for passengers and I’m sure transits have some type of insurance for transporting passengers and something happens while on the bus/plane etc.

Sure you pay for a ticket etc, but the provider has to pay insurance to guarantee your safety.

If I hop in someone’s ship and it goes kaboom I better receive some type of compensation

I’m sure that through contracts or other mechanism that could be negotiable… I’d love to see ccp’s feedback on the initial idea before elaborating too much on the detail possibilities… they might come back and say the code won’t support it for example…

It would be fun if possible though

Ccp doesn’t tend to comment on ideas. Until after the fact like if stuff from the qol thread is implemented

I did post about the primea getting some holds dome months back… they must have read that - they came back and added an ice and gas hold to it

I was fairly impressed that they acted on my suggestion. So. I’m pretty optimistic when it comes to these forums making a dent

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