EvE could use some public transportation

tl;dr basically an unmanned shuttle piloting a predetermined route which can be ridden by players, and leased/owned&operated by player corps.

InterBus introduces the unmanned heavy shuttles BPO for sale.

Enjoy travelling through EvE in style with an unmanned shuttle service.


All ships come in built with this functionally.

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Ah, but comrade, I think you missed the point.

Space busses.


Nope, didn’t miss anything. You don’t want to fly yourself use auto pilot

No, ultimately, I want to create new content

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That does bring up a point I’ve often thought about:

New Eden isn’t just Capsuleers. In fact, Capsuleers make up a very small portion of the overall New Eden population.

So it would make sense there are interplanetary shuttles like busses and taxis, then interstellar transport making regular runs between systems. Plus regular freight runs and likely pleasure cruises/sight seeing trips as well.

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You mean the NPCs, and yes, if you sit at a gate and watch the NPC ships all that is going on.

For player run transport there would have to be a rider base, which there is not, the player base are all pilots.

Yes I mean for NPCs. As “background” activity in the life of New Eden inhabitants. Just as people scurry here and there in RW it’s surely the same in New Eden.

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Yes just like irl many insects have massive logistic chains. Can’t remember the last time I actually noticed one though.

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Sure, I’ll go along with this idea. As long as it can be ganked, and if it can’t be ganked, then you can’t carry anything with you…


No… if it fact be killed then it can’t even bring you with you.

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Sounds like someone just wants an un-gankable safe transport from point A to point B so they get there with their implants intact and a few BPO’s in their pocket…

New players are lazy and spoon fed enough as it is…

The question is, why would you want to use limited resources for such a feature?

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So, a Bowhead-For-Pods?

A player pilot flies around as pods pop on and off the racks on either side of the ship? “Oh this is my stop” and all?

Sounds like a great way to get a story about a bus driver suddenly going mental and diverting course by jumping a full rack of pods through a wormhole, causing 10 pods worth of implant destruction in a single blow.


Precisely. A big yellow bowhead with pod slots on the sides. I’m excited just thinking about that.

Yeah… a very good question… I don’t suppose you can think of one? I just think it sounds cool: 40 some pods ejecting when the ship is destroyed. Nice!!

For private use there would have to be some tactical advantage that I’m not really seeing at the moment.

And for public this comment expresses why a use case is quite difficult to come up with. It’s basically a tanky autopilot transport for pods so… the slow boat and no stronger than a bowhead.

In terms of the system architecture supporting the game? Or, the story/lore of the game?

If the former, I don’t know the network well enough to say what kind of system impact additional NPC ships flying around might have.

If the latter, it makes perfect sense that non-Capsuleer people still have to travel and not everyone can own their own shuttle or go by private shuttle.

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The former.

Not just server resources (which admittedly would be very low) but also dev resources.

The thing is, the impact is not zero, for something that is essentially auto-pilot. And on top of that there is the issue where apparently the game breaks if two players are in the same ship.

It would be amazing if we had a clone transport. Not an active bay, like on a Titan, but just an inert clone vat.

Frequently, corps will say, 'get a clone in x station," for whatever reason. It would be neat to be able to put X inert clones in a ship, have one pilot move it to a station/citadel with a clone bay and install them, then everyone could jump clone.

I think I’d compromise on the potential to see this completed at all.

A clone boat is just a new ship with some unique clone abilities. No busses, no free candy.

Hey, it doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s not been a goal.

Perhaps the clone vat allowed you to jump clone directly to the ship and the session change just drops your pod nearby ostensibly “coming out” of one of the pod bays.