Npc jump bridges ii

Someone brought up FW jump bridges, I think NPC jump bridges would be a good idea but limit it to low sec jump bridges with existing jump bridge light year limit and add that only cruiser size and smaller ships could use it based on standing with nonmilitary factions./// this would greatly limit its abuse for assett moving and really just be used by players trying to get around for … as jumping 27 jumps isnt that dangerous if you are being smart but it does take a lot of playing time. and playing time to get back. Also think delivering of fuel to the npc station and having appropriate standing would be a mechanic maybe low standing characters could only use it with frigs negative standing characters couldnt use them etc. I would limit it to Tactical cruisers and smaller and never going across true null boundries. but going from metropolis to aridia can be a boring night.

I dont know, just a thought.

I think all the game mechanics exist already no jump bridges in high sec but all npc non military corporations would have some jump networks etc.

I posted this last week apparently in the wrong forum.

Either way I think this could decrease the time sink that eve can be sometime when moving around.

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You can bet I’d be camping the other side of that bridge. Not that I live in FW space or participate in FW, but if I were looking to kill ships, I’d be waiting there.

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Which I think would be great. it would be like jumping into ostingele. A risk v reward. Clearly there would be more than one jump bridge but yes camps would be a hazard associated with them.

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The problem is, camps would make them useless.

They’re either better than gating or worse than gating. I think we can all agree most people would want to take the bridge.

Since we know most people will want to take the bridge, we know that it will attract more attention. As it will concentrate ships, it will attract much more attention than your average gate camp.

Camps at this point would not be a hazard, they would be a constant reality. Anything not fit with a covops cloak would get caught by insta-locking cepters and destroyed by the rest of the camp.

As it’s a bridge, there’s no gate to crash and try to escape on the other side.

Net result, nobody would use them because the odds of getting caught are simply too great.

There would be a lot of them though, I think more than common used pipes. Thus making the logistics of camping them all hard. Example Sisters of Eve would have their own, Astral Mining would have their own, Nugheovi Corp, etc etc. It would connect their existing stations. So their might be 6 jump Bridge Networks that ended in Aridia. Obviously I dont know all the game mechanics and logistics involved I am just suggesting ideas. As this is the forum for idea creativity. :slight_smile:

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That would be the deal-breaker. Bridges are supposed to be valuable strategic assets. You don’t spam them. You place them at the best places to make significant impacts.

Spamming them as you describe also completely invalidates camps as now players must camp gates AND bridges, being even more likely to encounter nobody.

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well it was just an idea.

Absolutely it was. I certainly understand how you feel… I live deep in the blue donut, content is at times 30+ jumps away depending on the current political landscape.

Thankfully (well, after 6 months of it I’ve gotta say “not thankfully”) we’re at war, and staged at a deployment on the front lines so content isn’t always so far.

But at a resting state, most content is VERY far away from us… I totally understand your dissatisfaction with traveling long distances.

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POS mechanics is outdated so jump bridges in it’s current state must leave anyway - that’s the first problem.
The second problem is JB technology itself. I think there must not be any of them.

The only normal way for this is hyperspace portal ships (titans and black ops).

So there could be an NPC titans providing such a service and this must not be only low-sec space restricted. High-secs must have them too. But usage should be very unprofitable: big cost (huge for persons with little reputation toward corporation and small security status, low costs for people with 9+ reputation and high sec status).
Such a mechanics will add more atmosphere and sence to gameplay where people with good SS and good standnings could freelly travel. Then relationships between players and NPC corps will be having more sence and there will be more life in the process of working with NPC corporations (missions and other things).

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