CCP - Create NPC jump bridges around the whole universe so we can use them to travel around longer distances faster and open up the entire universe to the players!

As per topic title, have special NPC jump gates 1 per CONSTELLATION
Everyone could use to travel long distances faster

At warp in, instead of “jump” you would be able to choose where to jump to as far as 5 constellations away
If you want to travel further then you would have to go to the next constelation jump bridge or wait 30 minutes to use the same jump bridge to keep going.

Systems with NPC jump bridges pvp isnt allowed and no one can target anyone (like inside a pos shield), and theyre all made into NPC systems.
These systems will have random NPC stations, caldari or amarr or gallente or minmatar in highsec, and any random pirate faction stations in lowsec and nullsec with random number of mission agents/level and mission type, from level 3 to 4 in highsec and 3 to 5 in low and null.

Citadels cant be anchored in these systems, there are no missions running in these system (only agents), cant lock asteroids, PI isnt allowed, etc etc… basically only the system with jump bridge and a random number of stations with a region market and services.

  • Capitals cant use them
  • Freighters cant use them
  • Rorquals and Orcas and Bowheads CAN use them

In between the total expansion and diversification of the entire universe, things like new routes, new places, new tradehubs, the ability to go and explore nullsec with just a few jumps without being restricted by gatecamps, etc etc etc…

open up eve world please thanks


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Use Thera! That is exactly what Thera is for.

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Low effort shitpost tbh, though not a surprise for OP.

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One word…Wormholes. Or is that 2 words? worm holes? errr maybe … :thinking:

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How can one person come up with so many bad ideas?


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