NPC Jump Bridges

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Someone brought FW jump bridges, I think NPC jump bridges would be a good idea but limit it to low sec jump with existing jump bridge light year limit and add that only cruiser size and smaller ships could use it /// this would greatly limit its abuse for assett moving and really just be used by players trying to get around for … as jumping 27 jumps isnt that dangerous if you are being smart but it does take a lot of playing time. and playing toime to get back. Also think delivering of fuel to the npc station and having appropriate standing would be a mechanic maybe low standing characters could only use it with frigs negative standing characters couldnt use them etc. I would limit it to Tactical cruisers and smaller and never going across true null boundries. but going from metropolis to aridia can be a boring night.

I dont know, just a thought.

I think all the game mechanics exist already no jump bridges in high sec but all npc corporations would have some jump networks etc.

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