Why can't we just expand New Eden and give players more space?

First off I’m not a vet in the game by any means. I’ve joined and left multiple times. I’ve always thought the game was fantastic.
Maybe a game like Eve that’s been around for so long should add new regions of space real estate? It could give CCP the opportunity to try new things PVE wise. Maybe update the questing style a bit.

Curious to read your thoughts.



Biggest issue is that there’s simply not enough players. As it is you can fly through sizable areas of space without ever seeing another person. If you add more real estate, that only exacerbates the problem. They should be able to try new things in existing systems without needing to add new space.


More space! God lord no…it’s already empty enough.


Yes, I figured that. But what I’m also thinking is that new regions should be designed to be attractive to veteran players as well. Only We the community can say what would attract us to those locations.
And then PVE could be designed accordingly.
And then we can look for ways where we can invite a fresh pool of Eve players. Because the game despite its age looks really good. And the draw of the Eve brand name still exists.

Space is already big and there are dozens of systems in the game that are empty and unused. If anything, we need to shrink New Eden and bring everyone closer for more content.

I can understand your viewpoint since you seem like a very casual player who has never really committed to EVE Online, but if you spend a good couple of months playing with a dedicated group, you’ll learn very quickly that there is already way too much space.


Check out the map using the various statistics functionalities. There are a few places in high-sec, a bit more in Low-sec and many in 0.0, which are empty.
We really do not need more of those.

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More space this game doesn’t need.

A revamp of missions? Definitely yes.

And to be fair, with invasions and stuff they have been adding tons of new PVE content. Some that can be done solo, some small to medium sized fleets. That is all pretty good so far.


There are 5201 accessible systems in known space and 2604 wormholes. One player Katia Sae visited them all - it took him 10 years. There are a few densely populated areas near trade hubs and Nullsec power blocs but most of space is empty most of the time. CCP could eliminate half the current systems and most players wouldn’t notice.


Most null systems are already quite empty you know?
Eve is about interacting with others. Not exploring deep space like in start trek (the series)
So if you are not a vet, first try to move and travel everywhere. One player accomplished recently the deed of visiting every new eden system. It took to him several months or 1-2 years.
I really don’t see the need to get more space.
If we want conflicts etc we even need LESS space

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New Eden used to have 2-3 times as many logged in pilots as it does now, and even then there would be areas of space that were just empty. New regions could add a bit of a mad rush to claim new space, however you would just see more of the same power blocks just taking more and the “new” content would only see action for a short time before receding to the status quo.

We have yet to see what exactly is happening when Invasion part 2 happens and how it might change the face of New Eden. Will Drifters just start trying to take sov away? Will Triglavians start settling high and low sec areas? Not to mention how making a choice between allying the Empires and Triglavians will affect things.

All those unknowns aside, what needs to happen, is something that continually brings players out and creates conflict across a large area to try and spread out the player base. Which is a lot easier to say than to do.


That’s because caps and player gates (pharolux ?) allow for very fast deployment. Make those new areas immune to cynos and NPC - controlled .
Bigger blobs will still be at win, but at least deploying to a new area will be costly.

There already is NPC nullsec. It still allows ship based cynos but not the sov based structures.

why are you stating the obvious ?

Because no matter where you go in New Eden someone’s big fat head will be there, you can build forever and it will never be what you hope for, a space of your own to immerse oneself but with all the features, even in ED with all it’s vastness I have yet to get away from other fat heads.

why do we need new space? so the null blocs can take it over so you cant do anything with it unless you join them?