You're Welcome CCP - Make it happen

EVEGATE REOPENS: Players have to PVP and PVE into the new galaxy as stargates are built and new regions open up. New currency, New home stations, difficult to bring assets across (possibly only cruiser down through the EVEGATE … Eden keeps running and rich older players stay rich but new regions put old and new players on level peggings!

You’re welcome CCP. Now I would pay an extra $5 a month :wink:


They can’t even properly seed new stuff on patch day and yet you want EVE 2.0 for 5 bucks?

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Eve wouldn’t be helped by adding MORE systems. It probably would be far better off erasing a third of the existing ones.


All that’s gonna happen is the big blocks we’ll find a way to flex their might and take things over. Look at pochven.

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They could create this effect by having the empires reengineer the gates to control the size of ships and the number per minute that can jump through them. It’s not like the idea of a gate key is new in Eve. The gates can control traffic. Backing this up with lore is someone else’s job, someone who cares.

Like the idea of EVEGate being reactivated. We don’t have to be able to go back to Earth but the game mechanics could be reworked to make trade with a distant partner possible.

Nothing wrong with Eve that couldn’t be resolved by making player owned structures a lot cheaper to build and run.

So you basically want a more complex and dynamic Poochven? :dog:


I think they just put in that core thing to reduce the clutter.

But the idea of a “affordable housing” for the rest of us is good.

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