[BRAINSTORM] Stargates with multiple connections

I recently decided to give the lore article regarding interstellar travel in New Eden another look, and upon reading how stargates in the lore are not the one-to-one connections we see in-game I began wondering why this difference is a thing in the first place. It also got me wondering what would happen if CCP decided to make each stargate connect to multiple systems, such that players could warp to a gate and then choose to jump to multiple different systems.

Now obviously, it’s unrealistic to expect that CCP would do this since the game is nearly seventeen years old and players have been using the one-to-one stargates since it launched, but I thought it would be interesting to imagine how the gameplay would change if this was implemented. (Who knows? Maybe one of the devs will see this thread and decide to comment on it.)

First and most obvious, people would need to rearrange all of their tactical bookmarks around gates. I can see this causing a lot of angry posts on Reddit, but unlike the rest of the resulting changes, it’s nothing game-breaking.

A more important point to consider is how the gate connections would work under such a system. If stargates connect to any other gate within a certain LY range (barring some lore-compliant exceptions) then it would significantly increase the number of jumps needed to get to from one side of Empire space to another; like the Yulai superhighway before it, the Jita-Amarr trade route would become a thing of the past.

I’m pretty certain that this would result in Jita being dethroned as the economic capital of New Eden with one stroke. Players would have to choose between hauling their stuff across much of New Eden or congregating in regional trade hubs, like Rens, Amarr, and Dodixie. This would certainly lead to a great deal of rage from players who have dedicated their in-game lives to working in Jita, but it would also give other industrialists the breathing room they needed to set up their own markets in other regions with the expectation they could become just as lucrative, given time.

This would also lead to the end of certain systems’ status as pockets, but I don’t really have enough experience to know the effects this would have on the game.

On the other hand, if connections were not based on LY but dev fiat…I honestly have no idea how that would play out. There are just too many ways they could go with it.

In either case, another point of consideration would be gatecamps and ganking. Since piracy is intended to be a viable career in EvE the devs would probably need to implement some kind of cooldown timer when people make jumps so it’s not too easy to avoid players looking for a ship to loot.

Or maybe not; just dumping the player’s ship 15k off the gate like it does now would probably be enough to stop people jumping from system to system as fast as the session change can take them. I’d probably have to ask some of the dedicated gankers how they see it working.

If you have anything you want to discuss about this potential change or see anything I missed, then please comment. I like having constructive debates.


It would give them a chance to implement my idea which is to make the starmap something you discover, and reproduce, and sell.

A commodity rather than magic.


EDIT: The size of the universe is measured in travel time, so whatever they do they would need to adjust so that overall travel time is not shortened, effectively shrinking space.


strange, everything in the article including pseudo-science babble points that stargates are one-to-one connections (artificial wormholes/tunnels).

For idea itself: it can already be somewhat achieved by powering down ansiblex jump gates and then re-connecting them to some other place.

Because gameplay>lore and the one to one connections makes for far better gameplay.

I’m sorry what? What exactly is magical about society having a road map?

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Not sure if I like this idea. I get the feeling that you like playing on hard mode with your games, Foambreaker, but I don’t believe that everyone else who plays EvE would share this. At least, not to the extent that you prefer.

This is true, but if stargates spit out people taking them ~15k away, then how much time will someone spend traveling back to the gate to make another jump? Frigates/Machariels would be able to do it just fine, but what about freighters, Orcas, or mining barges?

I meant “one-to-one” in the sense that, in-game, each stargate is paired with another and can’t transport you to any other stargate, even if the lore says otherwise. What I’m talking about would make it so that stargates could send you to any other gates within a certain LY range.

I don’t understand why the current system is better for gameplay. Could you explain your reasoning? Bubbles could still be used to intercept people traveling from gate to station and back again, so it wouldn’t break that system.

At least within hisec space; null might be a different story. I could even imagine lowsec having routes that the empires keep on the down-low unless you have good standings with them, but that probably wouldn’t be lore-compatible.

You’re right it’s not like we have maps of remote regions today.

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Hey man, it wasn’t until recently this advanced citizenry figured out how to sell a book digitally…

you do realize skill books are not actual books right?

That’s true.

In the same way a kindle isn’t a real book either, but I still don’t need to drive to amazon to download the data.

Except EvE skillbooks are more like the first half of the programs from The Matrix that teach you Kung-Fu, with skill injectors being the second half that makes you a master.

Yeah, and what does he use? A floppy disk, just as easily could have been a data download.

the near instantaniuse transfer of data across lightyears is still an extremely new technology to the empires of new Eden. And it was not something they developed but something they reverse engineered

it doesnt.

in order to switch destination for normal gates (lore-wise) they have to be powered down and then connected to different destination. It is not feasible due to high energy costs and general high traffic through these gates.

Not according to the article I linked. It specifically says:

The first jump gate versions built by the Amarrians were limited in the way that once a wormhole had been created and a ship slipped through a new wormhole had to be made before another ships could pass. As it could take several days or even months to re-connect the two jump gates, passing was slow. Later versions of jump gates allowed the jump gates to hold the wormhole open for a longer time and modern day jump gates can keep a wormhole connection open for several dozen years before it has to be reset. Also, the first jump gates were only able to connect and hold a single wormhole at a time but today they can hold several wormholes open at the same time, allowing jump gates to be connected to several other jump gates at once.

Emphasis mine.

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