Hi sec moon mining

does a corp. that owns a hi sec moon mining operation have a right to shoot poachers in the orefield their refinery creates or will the person/corp get concorded?

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No. Moon belts are free for all (game mechanic wise).

There are some great mining ops in Hek, but code hangout, the love Hek.

Mine in a Procurer in an NPC corp toon should make you nearly invulnerable, though they can still try to bump you.

Carebear apologists everywhere ensured me that ganking is completely risk free, easy, costs no ISK and has no consequences.

So what was the problem again?


This is reasonable since the belt sites been created by corp’ refinery.

But it must not be the way when pilots may attack. There must be an option for the refinery structure whether to allow pilots to be around or not (attacking them automatically with missiles, fighters or E-war) and it must be stending dependent.

Except that this would lead to the refinery’s destruction by Concord. This is hi sec after all, without a war Dec, aggression results in Concord retribution.

Refinery weapons iare not capsule controlled, Concord has no jurisdiction.

All weapons have to be fired by a capsuleer so in this scenario concord would have jurisdiction and standard rules of engagement would apply, however, citadels have their safety settings locked to green, they are ONLY allowed to respond to acts of aggression or to engage valid targets with specific flags

Hey, Citadel. Wanna duel?

–Code Gadgetto

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i asked ccp directly about this issue. ccp told me anyone can mine the ore in hi sec and no, a refinery owner can not shoot them because concorde would respond. there in lies the flaw. why would a player corp want to spend billions of isk setting up a moon mining operation in hi sec and be happy about the fact anyone can come along and take the ore? why would the players want to log in to a situation like this? i think ccp is wrong in their thinking about this. at a minimum i think there has to be a compromise on their part. orefields last a minimum of 48 hours once they are created. i think it would only be reasonable to allow a 24 hour timer to start at the moment of orefield creation that sets up an automatic defense zone around the refinery up to 200 klicks to allow the owner corp first dibs on the ore. its their money that put the refinery in and they should be allowed to get back on their investment. at the end of 24 hours the defense zone ends and the orefield is wide open. if the corp doesnt get it all, oh well. anyone have a better idea?


If I have a refinery RIGHT THERE, you might just use it… and pay the user fee.

–Speculative Gadget

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Because the owner decides when the extraction cycle ends and has a 3 hour time window to manually fracture the chunk/creating the belt. So he and his mates have a huge headstart, enough to justify the cost of a athanor and the little fuel it uses.
Plus what Gadget Helmsdottir wrote, you can profit from miners who use your refinery.

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Not a flaw, it’s working entirely as intended. Just like everything else in the game, it exists to drive and/or facilitate PVP. Don’t want people mining your rocks? Wardec them. Are they in NPC corps? Bump them out of the field. Your only other options are to let them mine unchallenged, or get out of high sec.

Except non corp members mining your belt going suspect would also facilitate PvP, as it would provide strong reasons to join & remain in a player corp as well as a reason to fight for the corp & undock when under a wardec.
Not to mention that shooting the suspects also is PvP.
So… your argument falls flat because it actually hinders PvP not having them go suspect.

One can more than make their money’s worth on said refinery back with having refining fees and low-balled but “fair” buy orders also at the location.

Moon ore is incredibly bulky, meaning most aren’t going to want to deal with hauling it around… thus some buy orders and refining fees at your oh-so-convenient right there refinery is going to capture value from your usually lazy miners.

Plus what was already said about your corp knowing the timers exactly and having control of the exact time of field creation. Putting a dozen barges/exhumers on it the moment it pops would let a corp scoop the valuable stuff pretty fast.

Suspect for mining? Are you for real right now? No, that’s not how this game works. YOU have to make the choice to take action, and the tools are there for you to do so. People mining ‘your’ minerals are not doing anything illegal or suspect, because they are not your minerals until you’ve mined them. That’s not a hindrance to PVP, that’s a hindrance to actual griefing. The PVP is already happening by virtue of someone else mining ‘your’ minerals.

nah I would do suspect but the limited engagement would be awesome.

Wrong, you need a permit to be invulnerable.

Works as intended. Don’t want people mining your ■■■■? Remove them.