Attacked by Galente Federation Navy

I am doing the Sisters of Eve storyline mission. I am Amarr. When I enter Arnon (Gatllente space) where the Sisters of Eve, I am warned that I will be attacked by Federation Navy. I have (with help of Diplomacy Level 4) a Gallente rating of 0.32 but a Minmatar rating of -0.53 (due to Faction Warfare against Minmatar). If I hang on for about 15 seconds, I get attacked.

Why is that? Any help much appreciated

What is your security status?

How do I find that out?

You answered your question with this… as an enemy of the Minmatar you are also an enemy of the Gallente so will be attacked in their space just as you are in Minmatar space

OK. That is why I thought. So one has to have a positive rating with both Gallente and Minmatar to enter Gallente space?

Best way of getting my Minmatar rating up to zero? Thanks for all your help on this.

Changing standings won’t help you here. While you’re enlisted in FW for the Amarr Empire you will always be permanently at war with both Minmatar and Gallente

Thanks. How do I disengage from FW? Can I do that temporarily?

You can leave corp, which will disengage you from FW.

Thanks. I thought as much. YOu have been very helpful.

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