How to find my destroyed ship

So my ship got destroyed. I already went back and got a new ship. Is there some way to go back to my destroyed ship to get all the stuff that was on it? How do I find it? I went back to the system I was destroyed in less then an hour later and I can’t see anything

No u have to bookmark it before you left it, to find it again unless it’s on grid with something you can warp to.

If you use drones you can scan those down. Ditto for a Mobile Tractor Unit.
Otherwise no. You cannot scan down wrecks.

If it is a mission site and you haven’t turned in the mission you can go back through the mission site warpin.

Wrecks last for approx. 2 hours.

The stuff in your ship has about 50% chance to survive the explosion and be in the wreck; the chance is calculated for each item.

In EVE, you can’t just fly randomly around, like with a joystick game; you have to have a destination so you can tell your ship to warp to it. This is why we use bookmarks to “save” the location where we are so we can return to the bookmark later.

You can either right-click on any item or wreck or asteroid or anything around you and choose “save location”, or you can use the shortcut key for creating a bookmark, CTRL-B, at any time while you’re flying in your ship.

As advised above, it’s recommended that you bookmark your location whenever you go to a mission or exploration site, so that you can return to it to collect the wrecks. The mission or site may expire and disappear, but your bookmark won’t disappear from the People and Places app in-game until you delete it yourself.

You’ll accumulate a lot of bookmarks, make sure to give them good names. Go into People and Places and sort them into folders. Once you have the bookmarks, you can warp to them by right-clicking your mouse in empty space and choosing them from the list.


  • We create bookmarks while in warp between two distant planets, call them “safespots”, because everyone else will have to use scanner probes to find you if you sit at that point mid-way between planets, in the middle of nowhere. A safespot isn’t 100% safe, takes about 30 seconds or less for a skilled player with probes to find you.

  • We create bookmarks of mission locations; you finish the mission, you report to the agent that it’s done, and then you return to the mission location bookmark with a destroyer ship with full racks of Salvager modules, to collect the loot and the salvage materials. Much more efficiently than trying to loot while you’re fighting the mission pirates.

  • We create bookmarks at 200 km around the gates in dangerous space, so we can warp-in at a safe distance and check out what’s going on at the stargate. Avoid traps.

  • We create bookmarks 200+ km in a straight line from the undock gate of a busy station like Jita, or in low-sec or null space, so that if there are enemies around the station, your ship doesn’t spend time to re-align to warp away, and can just instantly warp to the bookmark because it’s straight ahead.

  • We create bookmarks to a few of the asteroids in an asteroid belt, so we can warp the slow mining barge and arrive right on top of the rocks we’re trying to mine. Save several minutes per trip, which means more ore / hour.

  • We create bookmarks of every wormhole (tunnel), so that we can return to it without having to probe it all over again. This is essential while traveling in w-space.

  • We probe out exploration sites and when the site is fully probed, 100% green, we “save location” instead of going there right away. That way we can dock the weak exploration / probing ship, get into a nice solid combat ship, and simply go to the bookmark to arrive at the site.

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Hehe, exactly the same questions I had after my first losses :slight_smile:

First of all: Get used to lose stuff and ships. It’s gone, and the worth of the remainders is way less than the danger of the recovery mission. Once I lost a cruiser in Lowsec with all the best stuff I could fit at that time and of course I felt the urge to safe some modules and ammo. My salvaging Frigate was shot by the same solo PvP guy 10 minutes later.

All the stuff: No, but a fraction.

Can you reach the wreck at all:
If it’s in a spot you can warp to (stargate, station, asteroid belt, anomaly, own bookmark): yes
If it’s in open space: No.

And most important: It must be left unattended, so the killers and other looters must had left it without looting and salvaging.

Looks like some looters were quicker. Leave it, that’s the EvE way of life.

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