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(Duinthorn Drakken) #1

Can a ‘Mobile Tractor Unit’ be emptied by Fleet Member or Corp. Member, or only the person who anchors it?
When someone attacks/destroys my MTU will the stuff inside all drop out, or only some, and will it be a ‘yellow’ container to me, since they destroyed it (like a wreck of a ship)? If I tried to grab it back, then I would get a ‘Suspect’ timer even though it was mine originally?
More I investigate mechanics, more I realize this game rewards thieves/griefers…

I forget my Drones after clearing a site (one of the ones that shows on the scanner-thing when I use ‘Alt-P’); I generally remember them about a half a second after I begin warping…once I warp away the site is no longer on the scanner – how can I find my Drones again? Tried using the D-scan thing, but haven’t had any luck…would the Probes that are used in the scanner used to find Relic sites work?

Trying to figure out details of making book-marks to warp to when leaving a station, and have the understanding of the general principle – but how do I ‘see’ the bookmarks to be able to click on it…right now only place I can see it is by having the window open that lists bookmarks, contacts, etc. – is there not a way to have the bookmark appear on the overview?

Thank you.

(Jenne Wain) #2

I believe only the person who anchors the MTU can access it.

No, the crate is gray- you can grab your own loot if it is still there.

You can scan these down using probes, but you need to use Combat Probes and an Expanded Probe Launcher. Incidentally, going hunting for abandoned drones can be quite profitable in the right systems. If they have been legitimately abandoned, you can scoop them without getting a suspect flag.

You do need to use the People and Places window- these cannot be added to the overview as far as I know. One thing that can help on smaller screens is to nest your windows, so that you can have different tabs for different windows. For example, I have a window with Inventory and People & Places as tabs. Just drag one window onto another to do this.

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Thank you.

(Aina Tutusaus) #4

If you right click in empty space you get the option to warp to your bookmarks in the system without needing to open People & Places.

(DeMichael Crimson) #5

Also start getting in the habit of R-Click / bookmarking the site beacon after warping in or one of the wrecks / structure at the site before warping out. That way you can easily and quickly go back if you forget to grab your Drones or a mission objective item.

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Thank you for additional information and advice.

Is it possible to stop during a Warp, or do I have to wait until I arrive at location I’m warping to before I can choose another option/location? I can use ctrl+space to stop if I do it before the warp actually begins, but once I am warping cannot…so cannot stop once in warp?

(Nisanthro) #7

As with ships, all destroyed deployables will drop the loot inside depending on luck (i. e. “loot fairy”). Every item has a 50% chance of dropping or being destroyed in the explosion. Sometimes you get everything, sometimes you get nothing, most of the times you get some of it.


(DeMichael Crimson) #8

Correct, once your ship is in warp, it will continue to it’s destination.

Going into warp requires Capacitor and if there isn’t enough available, the ship will drop out of warp before it reaches the destination.

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