Mobile Deposit Units and how to find where I left one in space?

The other week I launched my new mobile device and forgot to write down the system it was left in.

Is there a way of looking on the maps to see where I had left it?

No one had destroyed it yet so it’s still out there, but where?

Combat probes i think will hunt down mobile depots

I don’t think this will show on the map.
Did you bookmark it? If so, look through your locations folder.
If not, you’ll need to remember the system, then go and combat probe it.

Never used that method but OP claims it is a valid solution so I assume it is legit. (Also not sure if you have anything in the depot’s cargo hold or if it works even if it is empty.) As it recommends using a 3rd party tool assess the risks involved and use it at your own risk (I never used it myself).

If you remember the day you launched it and have a rough time estimate, you can check your chatlogs from the local of that day. You will find entries like that:

This gives you a list of systems you visited that day so you scan in them for mobile depots.

You find the chatlogs under EVE/logs/chatlogs in your windows user documents folder.

Also if you have killed NPCs and used the MobileDepot to refit during a mission, you can check your wallet entries where you got bounties this day and look in these systems.

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Thanks, was sort of wishing that it would show items in space like on the Corporate menu.

I think I left it 50km off of Uedama stargate.
I might go visit there sometime before shutdown today.

/reason why I want it back is that I loaded some plex inside I think.

Strange how it doesn’t tell me where it is like assets and stuff like on the normal ui

Same goes with cargo containers why don’t they send me some warning when the anchor timer is about to expire?

Of course, that’s what everybody does from time to time, especially in Uedama, near a gate.
Sounds like you are trolling. Please don’t troll in the Newbro section.

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For starters it would teach New Capsuleers to start scanning cargo and second did you go scan it before stating the above?

Maybe if you put at least like 500 PLEX in it more people would be interested. Also name it so people see what’s inside without having to scan it because nobody will even check its contents as 99.9% of the time they are empty anyway.

Regardless of what is inside, how come these items that can be anchored not show up in the assets list?

Ask CCP. :stuck_out_tongue:


No U

Make it like the Corporate In Space Tab please

Ok if you pay me 100 bil I implement it right away and deploy the update next downtime. :wink:

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It definitely would teach mechanics, but also it would make them blinky and probably lose their ship.
You can do that in a remote system in deepspace, or in a ganking hub on grid to a gate, but then it’s just a bait.

Obviously you have access to the item, and you are experimenting, that’s cool and helpful. But why this crude story?

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This story actually started weeks ago when I started destroying mobile depots, followed by having breakfast at that location while sitting inside my brand new freighter.

The story is not yet finished though I will respect the new citizens q&a.

The reason behind continuing with this was to try to include new capsuleers into space roleplay that doesn’t lead to purchasing of a permit.

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