Need help with lost MTU

Hi, I lost my MTU and now I can’t track its position because I haven’t enough probe skills (it’s a magpie, so level III), is there anybody who can help me find it back? I lost it in Foves solar system, Gallente Space.

You have to load combat probes.
I was probing down my MTU quite regularly the first months, so skills are no big deal. I consider that a common problem until you adapt a routine to bookmark and/or scoop the MTU.
The MTU is a deployable structure, so I think it will remain in space for 30 days if not shot down. This shows on your killboard, btw the “killer” becomes only suspect, not criminal.

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This is a ‘Magpie’ MTU though, those things have a much higher sensor strength than the regular version and are much harder to probe down. You’ll want to use a ship with bonus to scanning (Astero is a good pick, since its bonus doesn’t depend on skills) with the right modules (Sisters’ probe launcher, maybe some Astrometrics modules in mid slots).

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Mobile Depot will last for 30 days
MTU will last for 2 days.


On my way!

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