Meh, internet in my area crashed, my poor MTU

I sincerely wish CCP devs could design it so if you are next to your MTU when disconnection occurs that it would auto scoop it, anyway good thing I build them :stuck_out_tongue:


Why didn’t you go scan it down for fun?

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A dream of lazy MTU “scooper”.

You don’t have an MTU loss on your killboard, meaning you could just scan that MTU down and scoop it.

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Or you can just let your fellow capsuleers know where you left it and we’ll take good care of it for you. :wink:

MTU last for 48 hours, giving you amble time to grabe a scanner ship and probe it down. It’s also a good idea to BM the MTU when you drop it so that you can always return to it’s location should you get disconnect or otherwise leave it.

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Quick question - do you use the other variants of MTUs, or just the standard cheaper one?


I remember a few months back when this happened to me - ironically I was playing from the office and the internet went down here.

I forgot to bookmark and lost a ‘Magpie’ MTU.

I’m shite at scanning so I had to spend like 30 minutes scanning it down…


Or you make a bookmark next to your MTU.

If I see a Magpie on dscan while roaming, it has to die. Packrat may live if I’m not too bored. :wink:

Cheap, because I’m el cheapo.

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