I left my Magpie behind

So it finally happened. I left my Magpie MTU behind after a tiresome day of doing Crimson Gauntlet. No problems, I thought. Just hop into an Astero and scan it down. Painfully, I can only get the scan to 89%. I used a rig and my skills are at level 4 for the advanced astrometric skills. The upside was that I scanned down and blew up a few left-behind regular mtu’s with loot worth more than my lost magpie. But the clock is ticking. I really want to get this magpie back. :frowning: Any suggestions?

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Put range finding modules in the mids. Take a covops frig (better bonus). Squeeze the scan formation together (almost sphere) in last step.

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Replace your mids with rangefinding arrays.

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When you say rangefinding arrays, Are you talking about the ones that require Astrometric Rangefinding at level 5? I’m at level 4 and a month away from level 5. :frowning:

You can always ask a fellow capsuleer to scan it down for you. :wink:

*Results may vary
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It’s less than an hour’s work in terms of isk. I don’t care about the damn thing. I have spares. All I want to do is solve the problem for fun’s sake.

My top tier scanny ship is a covops frig but you could substitute it completely with less skill probably by using a nestor.

I have to use it myself to scan these down so I know where your coming from.

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T1 modules only require lvl2.

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Get yourself a set of Virtue implants too. Low or mid grade. Then again it will be cheaper to buy a new Magpie.

Then again Prospector implants might be enough.

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Is that thing is still alive there?

If I would be online it would be long dead, if not too far out to travel. I can’t tolerate magpies in space.

Oh me too! I’m embarrassed to have left a Magpie out there myself. If you’ve scanned these down before, what did you use?

BTW, I took your advice but even with 3 T1 Rangefinder mods I could only get the scan resolution up to 93.2%. I had to use 4 Coprocessors on the Astero to achieve even that. :disappointed_relieved:

The clock is still ticking and the mission continues. Gonna try another couple of things. ISK is no object. I’m just having fun trying to achieve this.



My Loki (has a probing bonus with covops sub), and max skills, sisters launcher/probes. Magpies are difficult but possible to scan down with manual adjustments to the probe formation.

According to Neocom it has 57 scan strength with sisters combat probes (113 with core probes).

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I can scan it down for you as long as its not to far outside of HS (max scan skills). Shoot me an evemail (Ethan Armstrong).

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Thanks Tipa! I went back in my Astero with the same setup as before:

High: Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher (8 x Sisters Combat Scanner Probes)
Mid: 3 x Scan Rangefinding Array I
Low: 4 x Co-processor II
Rig: Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade II

The difference this time is that I squeezed the probes at the end into almost a sphere as Tipa suggested. I’d never tried that before. Cheers.

Magpie successfully removed from the field. :smiley:



Thanks Eve-bro

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No problem. This game can be harsh, but information and experience sharing, no matter how basic, is really important. I’ve been around forever but I’m still a newbie in many areas. The interesting side-effect of this experience is that I’ve developed a love for scanning down and destroying MTU’s. 6 in 2 days. :joy:


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