Find your MTU in space even if the system is unknown

Lately if forgot to set a bookmark of my ‘Packrat’ Mobile Tractor Unit. By the time i missed the MTU in my cargo hold i already forgot the system i deployed it.

It took me a while to figure out how to get back to my MTU, so i thought it maybe helps somebody else if i post how to achieve this.

The tricky part was to find out in what system i deployed the MTU. I finally found that Information by using the 3rd Party Tool jEveAssets. I knew that this tool lets you search for items inside of ships, but i was surprised that you can also search for an MTU that is deployed in space and it tells you the system.
After that you can easyly scan it down with an expanded probe launcher.

Is there an ingame way to get this Information?

DScan. Particularly if you’ve named the MTU something non standard.

You can check your wallet transactions in which systems you got bounty recently.

Be aware the MTU disappears after 48 hours. Mobile structures - EVE University Wiki

Hmm, haven’t seen anything like this in game.

I didn’t mark my very first MTU and I knew the system. Fortunately I remembered I parked it next to a planet, which helped find it. Imagine if I had deployed it near a moon. I would have never found it. I felt a little bit like the drunk in the back of the taxi, “I remember there is a mail box out in front of my house. Maybe we can just drive around for a while and find it?”.

Good news: Combat probes will find any MTU (“Deployable”) in a system. I recovered several of my little helpers and found some additional highsec prey this way.
A combat probe launcher can be fitted on every scanning frig like Heron or Imicus.

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