Options for increased PvE wreck recovery

When doing PvE, unfortunately wrecks happen. There needs to be increased options for the players to get back to their wrecks for recovery, either by

A) making the wrecks able to be probed (through core or combat probes, or a new type of salvage probe)
B) allowing a bookmark to be made from the loss mail.
C) implementing a system so that if you’re able to get a tight focus on the wreck through d-scan, you can have the ship computer create a bookmark of that wreck after keeping d-scan on the wreck for a period of time (think like 5-30 minutes depending on range and scan focus).

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your wreck so close on d-scan without any way to get over to it before it dissolves into space dust.

You can drop a bm or drop a mtu and bm it to get back to them. Or you can have an alt warp a salvage ship to the wrecks before turning the mission in. As a pve player, the mechanics are fine as it is.

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Or just make a BM before you die?

Like most times you know you’re gonna die before you die ROFL.

Just learn to EVE my man.


Most PvE rats don’t even pod you - so you can make a BM after you blow up. No rush.

How can this be a serious suggestion?


CTL+B creates a bookmark while you are in space.
Use it often.
Like really often.


As mentioned, there is no need to insta warp your pod from NPC’s. Bookmark your wreck before warping off. I think the only NPC’s that pod you are drifters.

I kinda like your idea. It doesn’t sound unreasonable to be able to warp back to your wreck using the loss mail. However I am still hesitant because part of me feels this will in some way allow off grid warp-ins that were not previously possible. Something something tractor beams and MTUs

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When you die, press Ctrl-b.

You can do this the moment you suspect you may be dying, or even after your ship has exploded as most NPCs do not destroy your pod.

Seriously, do you really want this…? i’m not sure you have thought though all the possibilities here.

I’ve seen this question pop up more often.

People don’t realise that other people too can scan the wrecks right next to them and use this to set up a trap to kill their ship. People can scan wrecks to circumvent the high difficulty of combat probing a Marauder in bastion. People can scan wrecks, bookmark it and wait for your salvager to appear and instantly blow up your ship without the warning of combat probes on dscan.

Probing wrecks is a bad idea.

Not to mention scanning down, looting and salvaging the OP’s wrecked ship before he gets back to it.

*i am presuming he is talking about his ship got blown up and he wants to get back to it.

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