Abyssal Trace Wrecks

When a player dies in abyssal space have their wrecks appear back in space.

This would allow a new type of salvaging game play. People can hunt down traces and have a chance of gathering up someone’s wreck if they don’t make it.

Players would have to get to the trace before it vanishes, given that you can’t probe or directly warp to wrecks off grid.

Otherwise – triangulating with D-scan and using mid-warp bookmarks to salvage wrecks would now be more profitable. and an incentive to try. Result may be that many more people would learn the use of the D-scanner as well as how to get to stuff u cant directly warp to, might be some emergent game play from that . - now they would have a good reason to even learn the skills. Otherwise using combat probes to find traces would be the way.

Depending on what the logs show as average fittings and cargo are for ships that die in abyss, loot in ships can be balanced by changing the 50% probability up or down.

The only abuse I could see from this is where a player doesn’t care if he dies, he just gets as much high-value loot as he can before the ship dies and have an alt pick it up from the wreck, even with drop losses this might - or might not - be profitable enough to abuse.

In any event this can be balanced somehow.

Possibly by delaying the spawning of the wreck? or maybe even have them spawn somewhere else in the system requiring the player - whos wreck it is - to locate it the same way any other player would have to? this would mean lots of time they could be doing moreabyssal and it would make it not worth the time?

Or have the loot change as time goes by? IE. only 10% chance initially, with 50% at 1 hr and 80% in 2 hours? this gives other players a chance to find the wreck too, while the player who owns it would have to again wait a long time. so many possibilities.

An additional Idea would be this

  1. Player combat probes an Abyssal Trace, warps there and waits
  2. When the trace disappears anyone on grid gets a bookmark for where the wreck is located.
  3. (Optional) warping to the location reveals some sort of NPC Deadspace combat site that you have to complete before the wreck spawns (maybe trigs hauling off the loot?).
  4. (Optional) In high-sec this could be a free fire zone? where everyone can shoot anyone else without Concord involvement? Have the player who actually has the last blow that completes the site get the loot in his cargo hold.

This pocket is not accessible by anyone else except the holders of the bookmark given at the time the Trace disappeared.

Cloaks won’t work and combat probes - as well as fleet warp signals - are scrambled. ONLY those who were on grid at the time can participate, this allows people to pick or choose if they want PvP - based on how they size up their chances from seeing them at the trace. Or if they were alone at the time, not even worry about PvP. Prob be a good idea to prevent cloaked ships from receiving the Bookmark as well.


Cant scan down regular wrecks. So why should this be allowed?