It is what you don't know that hurts you

I took about a 4 year break from Eve. I came back about 3 months ago and created an Alpha character to redo the tutorials & SoE arc as a refresher. I did a lot of forum browsing and dev blog reading.

I still had a nice Cheetah on my main so I did a little refresher work on Exploration. After 3 months I thought I had got back up to speed but Eve taught me otherwise a couple of hours ago.

I missed the info on Ghost sites with big bad NPC ships that can blow you out of lthe sky. I blew off the pop-up talking about the dangers of the site. I was so unnerved when the NPC posse arrived that I warped out my pod w/o making a bookmark. Did I mention, I did not bookmark the data site either when I scanned it down. I should have done a quick google on covert research data sites but did not. Sigh, I knew better but got sloppy and broke two rules of survival.

Insurance paid 8.5 million ISK but the loss was about 27 million ISK between the ship, modules and loot from sites that I still had in the cargo hold. I tried to find the wreck to do some salvaging but without a bookmark it is almost[?] impossible to get to it. I could see it on Dscan but could not find a way to warp to the wreck before it despawned.

A quick market check showed the Cheetah priced at 35m ISK in ESSENCE region. Some shopping is in order.

All in all, it was my overconfidence that led to the ship loss. Eve is a harsh mistress and taught me the price for breaking the rules.

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Might find a better price.

Quite right! Thanks for the link,

The same thing happened to me last night in the very same ship. You live and learn

extended probe launchers and combat probes might work if you had drones out.

Mmh… I don’t know if this item was present four years ago, but did you know there is a probe called the “Combat Probe”? It work the same way of a scanner probe, except it can pinpoint down (and allow you to warp to) a lot of things, notably ships (even if they are in a safespot) and in you’re case : wrecks (players or NPC).

I’m not sure you can combat scan wrecks. I don’t recall ever getting them on my combat scans. if you can then yes that would work regardless.

If by combat scan you mean D-Scan, they do appear. With only the basic filters, you can see them with the “General” or “Loot” filter activated. It will even give you the name of the wreck (example : Gistii Hunter wreck).

Marketer is my favorite

No… I mean combat probes.
If they don’t appear on combat probes then it can be impossible to locate your wreck if there were no drones launched at the time (that survive follow up Npc agro)

Ow, sorry then :slight_smile:

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