Finished Tutorial, Starting with Agents

So I finished the tutorial and am about to start the business agent person but Aura mentioned something about having my ship that was destroyed in the explosion could be remade via blueprint but I’m having trouble finding it.
So for now I am stuck with the ship I started with, the Corvette class ship.
Please help! Thank you.

The career agents will reward you with free frigate-class ships as you do their missions, so we recommend you do all of them. You can start with the business missions if you want.

The blueprint may be in the Redeem Items window. You can find all of EVE’s apps and windows by pressing the Start-> button on the toolbar on the left side of the screen, above your character portrait (it looks like a stylized E).

If it’s not in the Redeem Items window, you can buy blueprints from the market, but it’s cheaper to buy the ready-made ship rather than the blueprint. And it’s cheaper still to just do a few of the career agent missions in the corvette, until they give you a free frigate. The missions aren’t that difficult and the corvette should be able to handle them.

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So what you were given by your Mentor (the NPC with the voice acting) was a container with the blueprints for a new ship and a Venture frigate. The idea is that you would mine the ore required for the blueprint and build a new ship.

What you should do instead is head towards your Career Agents. These Agents will provide you ships, and their initial missions can be done easily in a corvette. You will receive a free ship and standings bonus with your faction on completing each Career Agent mission chain.

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I see thank you!

@Quelza Ok. Thanks! That helps a lot!

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