Just started out and

I want to know where I can find tools to make my journey easier since the game is rather overwhelming to me rn.

That’s quite an open ended question. :grinning:

Help us to help you by narrowing things down. What have you done so far? Tutorial? Career Agents? Sisters of EvE epic arc? Missions? Mining? PvP?


My 1st and foremost advice, is to do and finish the intro / tutorial missions. Though unfortunately not all of them may be working properly at this time as this part of the game is being worked on and in a state of flux right now.

My 2nd piece of advice, is to do it again a few more times. You can do so by bringing up the agency, and select “career agents”. Tutorial missions give you some minor starter ships, some skillbooks, which you can use or sell if and few other things. By the time you finish them a couple times you will also be able to understand at least some of the basic ship mechanics a bit better. Once is not enough for a lot of people.

When you finish a particular mission chain from a career agent, the mission will no longer be available, it goes on a long cooldown. Last time I was doing this that cooldown was 3 months, but this may be changed now. But, you can select the same career again, just a different agent. I also advise when you do this, use career agents of different factions, so you don’t accidentally sink a particular faction too much cause it can be difficult later on to raise it up.

the only actual tool outside of the game that you need, IMHO is PYFA or EFT, I prefer PYFA, other then that, once you are ready and join a corp, whatever that corp will be using for voice comms. That’s it.

When you run into specific problems or specific issues, try to look them up on youtube or google it 1st, often times you will find immediate solutions, if not and things are still unclear or you would like some more indepth info, come back and ask here.

I’m doing tutorial but my internet is rather bad on weekends so I’ve not finished it yet.

Join some small but active newbie friendly corp and people will guide you.

Have a look at EVE University after finishing the tutorial.

When you finish a particular mission chain from a career agent, the mission will no longer be available, it goes on a long cooldown. Last time I was doing this that cooldown was 3 months, but this may be changed now.

You give a bit misleading information: Career agent’s missions from that specific agent are not available ever again after you finish them once - they are one time missions per character. What you can repeat once in a three months is epic arc of Sisters of EvE (as well as other epic arcs which you’ll come across later on). But this epic arc is not related to career agents and do not depend on completion of their missions.

There are 3 career agent systems for each race, so each toon can do 12 career agent sets. But after you finished your initial career agent, do sth different like the Sisters of EVE Epic Arc, Sister Alitura awaits you in Arnon, because repeating missions can become boring soon.
After a while you can do another career agent set, but I recommend to mix races, so you learn about different weapon types and ships on the fly. You will see the tasks are the same, just some adjustments referring to the race.
A nice overview: EVE University: Career agents.

Eve mail me for my upgraded overview.

Mmmm, so it did get changed lately. Bummer.

Sorry am not up to the latest changes on the titorials, back in the day I used to grind them for faction standing until they got nerfed and put on a 3 month cooldown, then I just did them once in a great while on my lowest factions, guess I won’t be able to do it anymore at all now.

  1. do not think of EVE as a game. Think of it as something alive. A place you live.

  2. connections makes EVE more accessible, exposure to interaction over time rewarding. Use the opportunies of player schools (like EVE University, Brave Collective, RvB, etc).

  3. subscribe, don’t plex. Being Omega through PLEX introduces a grind stimulus which gets in the way of things, especially over time.

As for practical tools, like software, there’s less of that these days. Ever since CCP started packaging EVE for sale, unfortunately. But there’s still good tools out there which I’m sure others here will comment on.

Hi, 3rd month here for me and I agree it can be very overwhelming.

My only tip that might help you save a few ISK is to be careful if or when you decide to accept courier contracts.

(If only someone had of warned me the first time I would not be so salty)

Since the update, doing the courier contracts should be more doable when going to a citadel or other pos.

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