Hello I have a little problem

I bought a Destroyers from Fliet III - Federal Defense Union Logistic Support - 1 Item - Route: 7 Jumps.
And I’m in Duripant VII - Moon 6 - Federal Navy Academy -30 Items Items 0 Jumps .
And it was not too expensive or cheap, and I went with the capsule, but a player just kill me in the station, or to 2-3 jumps away and I do not know how to do to get there.

You’ve bought a ship in a low security system. If it was me I’d write off my purchase and find one in a system with a security rating of 0.5 to 1.0; Fliet is a 0.3.

When using the market if you right click on the location of the item you can choose the information option to see what the security rating is for that location.


Thank you I did not know that . But how do I get?

You need to fly over there and get it.

There is no other way. You have to risk it, and go there and pick it up.

Try not to go afk or autopilot, and you should be able to make it.

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Please try to get it and let us know how it goes. The important thing is to try though as that’s when you learn. If you give us a good story I’ll make it worth your while.

Tip: Warp to 0 for gates in LS and then smash the “D” button when you land at zero.

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I will try without autopilot to see but the biggest fear is to get there and to be destroy by a player in my Destroyer and say goodbye the ship .

If you’re Omega equip it with a cloak and an MWD and read-up on the Cloak Trick

eta: and - Never ever Autopilot in Lowsec !

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Thank you all for your advice and I willI will remember no longer use the autopilot.

Good Luck and keep us informed…

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good news I got full on the station but I do not have the skill of the Destroyer and I have to jump back I take the skil and come back to take the ship that’s when you are not careful . But before I get to the station the laptop stuck and i need to give a restart I was thinking i die i’m scared so bad I said I was ready for a headache and i was thinking about quitting but now I’m thinking what I’m doing. skill 7 jumps and maybe another date no longer resurface aa

i get the skill but i need room for skill FAK im so disapointid.

You are not very good at planning ahead.


yes but I have 2-3 days since I played a pause since I installed it and I’m a beginner I do not expect what happened to me

and now we see over 17 hours 40 min for skils

In high sec neither … btw… never do that xD

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ok i will hide autopilot button TNX but i do not go in lowsec or hisec .

Don’t do that because you lose a ship. You will lose ships, don’t let it bother you.

What did I just read…


Thanks for the help but I have a elaborate plan but know that I will succeed if it’s not that it I’m lost 1kk isk

Legit Salesgirl

What did I just read…


how to explain I bought a Destroyers from low sec 0.3, and I was there I got it and I died and I did not know how to take it but I managed