Server crash and bad decisions after bad decisions.... DAAAAGAAAANNN

So I was trying to kill Dagan, I’m 21 jumps from my home because on Sister of Eve quest

Right in middle of combat the server crashes and of course I relogged and my Trasher full equiped with my cargohold full is destroyed… And here start the bad decisions:

I have around 11 millions in ISK ( I was able to make noob money easily) and and I trainned for a cruiser and the Rupture seems awesome. So I go why not get that… error no 1

So after insurance I got around 4M left … error no 2

Then I realised it had less hardpoints and I do not have training for long range or bigger weapons … So No way to kill Dagan… error no 3

Then Looked at some videos for solution… I tried to Equiped stuff and attack Dagan … He brush them of cause not enough fire power… error No 4 and a wais of time and money

Had to rebuy a Thrasher and equip with low weapons I have 30 minutes left to kill Him… and 1msk lefted lol

The question what is your easiest way to make isk when you have a noob (1 week) player to get back in the fight asap?

Relic sites in null sec with a 3mil isk relic ship you will make your ship back 5x over in the first site. Can probibly make the ship even cheaper at first, also make sure to use weird routes into null the fastest route = camped most of the time where everything comes into a single point.

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Serious answer, buy a couple of PLEX from CCP with cash and sell for ISK on the market. If you can afford it, don’t waste your time grinding ISK now. I started my EvE journey with 400M ISK from the buddy invite kickback, which helped a lot in the first 6 months.


Meh it’s sad but Tipa is probibly right, at this moment in time with the economy like it is grinding isk in game is probibly going to be a huge waste of time if you can rather put in extra hours and buy plex and then just spend the isk the way you enjoy.

Unless you have not experienced the pve content then would be better to give it a try.

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I’m on FTP and no group cause I wanna role play so need to lurn more lol

Can you give me an exemple of a ship and fit to do this?

Sure, give me a few minutes.

Yes I have no experience and no buddy lol

Some people fit warp core stab’s but the pro hunters use 2 scrams and sometimes faction them so there really is no point to using them.

If some one catches you with a long point mwd towards them then away to a celestial overheat (mwd) micro warp drive and warp off, if you get scramed swap to afterburner align web them and warp when you are out of range its much better for escaping, but by the time you get caught you will have already made enough to cover lots of ship losses so it doesnt matter.

if you have loot and you want to move it fly to some random persons citadel and right click it and open cargo and drop your loot in and send. you can at a later point right click in your assets and say send to asset safety and then 5 days later you can have the loot moved to you for a small fee.

Better to drop the loot off this way so that when you die at least the loot is safe.

If you can do without the rig then it’ll make your ship a lot cheaper, in the beginning super cheap but effective is the way to go you can google how to scan for relic sites in null if you’re stuck, there are tons of tutorials.

Tested this on a very new alt and was able to make about 80mil / hour in a 1 mil ship.

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One of the things that the Dagan mission is designed to do is promote co-operative game play. You might find it productive to speak to some other players in the system and ask to team up. You can each take turns to collect Dagan after the battle and complete the arc.

If I recall correctly, it’s deemed a new player mission and so other players are not permitted to scam you.

Also, if you lost your ship because of a server crash, you should petition using a support ticket. You should get your ship replaced.

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dagan is pretty much meant to encourage newer players to fleet up with others. Ask in local if somebody wants to give you a hand destroying him.

As was said, fastest isk is the buy some plex from ccp and sell it on the ingame market route (citadel markets such as in perimeter and ashab often have a better tax situation going).

Trading is also a decent way to make a bit of isk (but pretty boring in my opinion).

Inter-regional trading can be done with literally any ship…it’s less boring than station trading, but not by a lot. Warp speed quickness is important if you are fulfilling buy orders. Deal in small, higher-value-lower-volume items. Always make sure the buy order you plan to fill or one acceptable to you is still open and unfilled before buying what you’re going to zip there as fast as you can and sell to that buy order. Don’t be greedy, go for trades that will make you a more-likely-to-actually-be-completed-ok medium profit until maybe you get it all down and become one of the ones finding the very-profitable trades and completing them ridiculously fast.

Speculation trading might not be something you want to do at this point in your EvE.

Check out project discovery?

EvE might very well be more enjoyable for you with other players. I’m sure there are Alpha-clone-friendly roleplaying corps out there…even for heretic traitor minmatrash…


since you seem to have the willing to learn and improve, instead of whining and complaining, i will send you some isks tonight as soon as a i come back home to help you
And in one year, you will help newbies , giving isks and/or advices

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isks sent. Good luck

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Just seeing this, and I was about to send some as well… meh still will.


Thanks guys I did follow advices like doing Project Discovery they are giving me skins to sell and at awesome prices but no one is buying so far. I do not mind working for my 30M an hour but it doesn’t seem to pan out so far. But hey the fun is in trying.

Thanks for the donation Wyk… when I came in and saw that I had 38M (from 8 M) I when dang those skins sale like hot cakes hahaha Now I can breath a little. You rock

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