No more ships and no more ISK

starting today trying to finish off a mission with the sisters of Eve I am no longer with any more ships or the amount of shavings for a never to buy anything brand new standing out the gate of Concord and got getting jumped more than 50 Mi nine times by the company or whatever the heck they are called riot. I am sick of them I am sick of this place and I am no longer in a good mood I have had so much patience with everything. And this is a general discussion and I don’t care what they think or what they’re doing or laughing cuz the last word will be on their heads. I’m tired of being nice. I have become the personal dart board. It’s not fair to me. I don’t know who else would agree with me or would like to argue and say I don’t speak proper English they need to learn English and Russian and Greek and Spanish if that’s the problemJPEG_20181228_181546

This looks like an Astero. This is an expensive ship for a newbro and must not be flown by autopilot.
Being killed is quite normal in New Eden, that’s why we all have clones :slight_smile:

if you keep getting killed by R I O T, move to another sector of space.

Are you in a Corporation that’s been War-decced by RIOT ?

Youre in a war.

If you dont know what a war is, then you shouldnt be flying such expensive ships.

Also, you shouldnt be flying ships you cant afford to lose.

You should leave the corp, that will invalidate the war for you, and you can do whatever you wish.

Otherwise, you should start back at zero and consider learning the basics before flying something so expensive.

I am not surprised at all that RIOT targets you, you are what they call a whale, and worse yet, you are a whale with very little common sense.

Learn the game before cursing out the other corp. Its not their fault that you dont understand the game mechanics.

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yea… should have done that like a month ago

My first Dominix did I build for myself after mining and reprocessing all the needed ore, that took some time. After 18 months in EVE, I recently bought my very first Stratios (so I was able to hack and fight simultaneously at the event), and was happy to buy my second Occator. My most recent kills were in a T2-fitted Velator (never thought it could reach 150 dps :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Now I try to finance an Orca, hopefully some of these event SKINs make a pretty penny.

Obviously there’s different ways to play the game. Why don’t you try a less raging one?

Complaining here, or anywhere won’t do anything other than make you look like a child.

Take some responsibility for your own experience in life; you have the power to learn and adapt if you choose to do so.

There is a ton of information out there on protecting yourself during a war. It isn’t hard to find.

It is not the games fault you are getting frustrated. It is your own.

Don’t put yourself into that position, then. Life is never going to be fair.

If you get a fair fight in eve it means you already screwed up somewhere.

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yes but I am on mission for the (SOE) and some jerks are hitting me every time,

You are at war.

Wake up. I also responded to you other post.

Move to a corp that has no structures meaning they cannot be wardecced.

Dude… Are you dense?

I knew I’ve seen that character name somewhere.

You posted in the “December 2018 Release - General Feedback” 12 days ago and I replied that you are decced and that you should find a new corp.

Since you’ve made two additional threads about it and still seems clueless even with all the help, I’d say at this point you just some troll.

Hello friend, calm with your feelings, the game is very attached to real life, the beautiful thing is that you have more lives than in real life and you can fly through space, your problem is something very personal, from my point of view you have 3 viable and simple options.

  1. Fly more together with your companions and kill the insurgents who dare to disturb your flights.

  2. Simply abandon your corporation, may be temporarily while they are at war.

  3. Be Mature, stop blaming others who only play a game that is already done for pvp in general anyway and observe what you can do to improve yourself and learn from each death.

I have lost about 10 ships in all my life in Eve and I have always learned about these losses to the point that I have never bite twice in the same way. Eve is the closest thing to the real world, if Eve frustrates you I can not even imagine how you live. It’s just a game, relax … and play. PS: the language can no longer be an obstacle, you can always, copy, alt-tap, Google translator, paste, and it does not matter the language and nobody requires you to learn another.
Yo hablo español, cuando quieras puedes volar conmigo, cuidate mucho.

Hes losing expensive ships so i dont think hes a troll.

The more likely explanation is that he is an idiot with poor English skills, but mostly just an idiot.

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Alguna vez todos hemos sido idiotas, no creo necesario mencionarlo y ofender con eso esta de más, sabelo :rofl: y bueno fly safe People :yum:

No hablo espanol sorry.

Otro idiota que no sabe usar el traductor de Google, que pena por tu IQ. Jajajajaja :man_shrugging:

Still no hablo espanol.


Amigo… No me importa jajajaja sigue sigue jajajajs

SoE Epic Arc? Cool, all you need is a sturdy combat Frig (Merlin, Punisher, Rifter, Incursus) and a T1 Destroyer for the last two fights. With rigs it’s less than 10m ISK in sum.
My PI Alt without any particular combat skills killed Dagan in a T1 and loot fitted Dragoon. Actually that was hard, but fun. A T1 cruiser will do the job smoother, but needs about 10m ISK more.

Did you notice these foes like to kill expensive ships?

it is not possible.