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In EVE why are there so many negative capsular in the blog?

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There are basically 2 kinds of players in Eve - those who want the game to be safer and those who want it to be more dangerous. No mater what the developers do a lot of people will be upset!

Right now, the game is perceived to be passing through a period of stagnation where the “sand in the sandbox has turned into cement” to paraphrase CCP Helmar. The process of correcting that will upset a lot of people. Even if we agree something needs to be done - we want someone else to pay for it!


So I picked a great time to get started?

Anarchy! Anarchy! I don’t know what it means but I love it!

Just to expand on what @Do_Little said (which I agree with), I think you’ll also find that there is another axis:

  • People who come here to share info and try to have ligitimate conversations.
  • People who come here to pick fights and be nasty.

There are a good number of us who fall into that first category, but like any internet forum, it’s usually a matter of time before the trolls and jerks show up and hijack a thread.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions though- we will definitely try to answer them constructively and help if we can :slight_smile:


Try to ignore excessive negativity - but - examine what they say to see if you might glean any useful information from it. Even if someone is being very negative towards you, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are wrong.

Sometimes we all say things that are wrong or just plain silly. If someone(s) correct you or call you out on that, don’t take it personally. When in the beginning of any activity, we all have much to learn about it and make many mistakes. Simply put on a thick skin and deal with anything to do with EvE with determination and a sense of humour.

Never complain, no matter what.

EvE has many things that should have been fixed or done differently long before. Many are literally 1.5 decades old or some more. People know these. Sometimes…well, many times…players will point these things out (old players sometimes as well as new) and the responses they get are mostly negative simply because the same issues are well known and people are sick of talking about them for years now.

EvE has many good things, may you enjoy those and ignore the not-so-good.

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Soloing is exhilarating.

Post stupid comments, get stupid replies.

Remember when you posted this:

And then someone already pointed out to you, over a week ago, that youre in a war and you should leave?

And then you made like 2 more threads and complained about losing ships?

We dont mind new people. But we can only tolerate stupid people up to a certain point.


Oh my. December '18? Oh my again.

Dear newbros ,
Don’t be like OP.


Sooo, @Solonius_Rex nicely troll’s the OP about some old crap and in the process basically helps prove this thread statement as correct.


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Bad players band together and give each other bad advice. Unfortunately for them, they also start to believe they are better than other people just because they pretend to be nice. They also start to get full of themselves and begin to demand that CCP change the game for them so that they don’t have to improve.

DMC is one of those bads.


Your quick dismissal of arguments as simply “Trolls” helps prove this thread statement as correct, too.

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lol, that’s rich coming from you.

Considering the fact that your reply to the OP had nothing to do with this thread topic clearly shows that you only did it to troll him.

OP asked simply why there was such a negative attitude in this forums.

Had he prefaced his question with a timeframe, or aimed towards a specific person or group, my answer would have been different.

But he did not.

My answer was aimed at demonstrating that even now, I recognized his name, instantaneously, based on our first encounter half a year ago. First impressions matter, and his was not a good one, and will likely continue to sour my relationship with him until he reforms. If others are like me, then they will most likely have a short temperament with him too, which would explain why his interactions were so negative.

So yes, my answer was completely in tune with what he had asked, the way he asked it.

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Don’t care if you like him or not, your reply didn’t answer his question, you trolled him about something else and now you’re trying to pass that off as an answer to his question.

This is New Citizens Q&A and the description for this sub-forum:

The place for new pilots to ask questions and get assistance. Please use this forum to ask or answer questions about EVE Online, and remember to keep it civil !

Yes, it did, and I explained how it did.

His question was, “why are there so many negative players?”

My answer was “perhaps they are negative towards you because of this.”

Now you are claiming “you didnt answer his question”.

Please, demonstrate and explain how I didnt answer his question, instead of merely asserting that I didnt.

Yeah, I didnt swear, or berate him wothout good reason. You are confusing civility with criticism.


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