December 2018 Release - General Feedback

? Do you have numbers to support the claim that these ships are superior?

I have enough sense to notice CCP wouldn’t waste huge chunk of development time to introduce new but worse ships in every class (it seems they plan to do exactly that after first in-game faction T2 ship) which nobody wants to train. :slight_smile:

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Correct, but stating that the ship will make all other logi obsolete is a bit much. It may be the great tanking logi with a great short range repair and versatility to do smart bombs and/or cap transfer if needed, but its faaaaar from the best Logi overall. So far the Trig ships are unique, but far from the best.


Is this just general feedback on the latest patch or is this where I can post a big long thing of feedback that I’ve thought about for a while, on certain parts of the game as a whole?

They were vague about the PVE changes because they are cowards who know that there would be many complaints about them admitting to having nerfed the nullsec respawn time of anomalies.

CCP did this to indirectly nerf income, because they believe we have too many assets in space…but did they really achieve that?

A super pilot can do the same 3 rock havens constantly, finishing the 3rd one, just as the 1st respawns… Now you finish the 3rd one, but the 1st one takes about 1 more minute to respawn, so you are either forced to wait in space, starting at your ship for 1 minute (which is about 25% of the time it takes a super to do a haven)…or just go do another site (like Forsaken Hubs). Taking the later choice, yields the EXACT same ticks…which means that … like monkeys hitting a computer with a wrench … ccp didnt really solve anything, but instead just made it unnecessarily 1-click-more-complicated to get the same ticks.

Useless and poorly thought out change.


I am not sure whether the issue I am about to describe has already been reported.

I ran a mission yesterday and another one today on one of my characters in a cruise missile fit marauder and in both cases I experienced an issue with the visuals of the cruise missiles. The missiles do damage the targeted ship so I think this is only a matter of visuals.

The missiles seem to disappear before actually hitting the target and there are no visuals showing the missiles impact on shield of the targeted ship.

It is difficult to tell at what distance from the targeted ship the missiles disappear, but if the targeted ship orbits at 3-5 km, the missiles disappear almost immediately after launch. The missiles also disappear rather quickly if the target is only about 15 km away.

As I said, this seems only to be a matter of visuals, as the cruise missiles seem to work ok. Whether the same problem applies to other missile types I cannot say.

UPDATE 18 Dec 2018

I ran another mission today. I am not sure whether anything was changed to fix the issue mentioned concerning the visuals of the missiles, but in the mission of today, the visuals of the missiles looked normal.

Wow. Another button that you cannot remove. Why is that stupid Frostline Event not in the agency and needs a separate button? And why can I not remove that button from my sidebar when I have no intention at all to run this rubbish?


The Activiy Tracker doesn’t work properly any more. Ok, it never has been working properly but now most of the data is lost on both accounts.

Edit: Relog helped

Is there any hope that you offer an option to remove the Agency and Daily Logon icon from the Neocom ?

Maybe it is useful for some but not for everyone, and I would rather move them into a specific group than let them take precious space in my Neocom for no reasons.


Fix your API system already. EVEMon keeps pestering me with notifications that the server is not online because your services are not running properly.

So much negativity. Think I got cancer from it


The API system was replaced by the new ESI-keys. EveMon is one of the few third-party programs that can compete with the new keys. What puzzles me it that I can set up a skill-chain, but the skilling will not start it unless I log into Eve-Online.

There is no vendetta. You just got wardecced and after having looked at the wardec report, you guys are clearly not making it hard for them.

Honestly, find another corp or tell the management to take down their structures if you know them.

Looking at the killboard it looks like just a group of new players getting in over their heads. You have the possibility to play in a wardec free environment now, yet your management does not seem to care about that.

Why the skill “Biology” affect the new Absolution Booster?^^ should it not work in the opposite side? Because its a cooldown, before we can inject new injectors… and new characters can now inject much faster skills…

when you are a new character and consume that booster and inject instant 13 injectors, after that you can immidiatly inject 3 more, without penalty and you have 8kk SP, instead of 7.7kk… but anyways thx

Your corporation is eligible to wardecs, and you let people kill you. Apparently your CEO hasn’t taught you anything valuable concerning survival so you’d better leave them and start searching for a better one. And please, don’t use feedback and issue channels to post legit kills.

the fact is that people come in with brand new ships and they’ve been at this for two long years and I was told that they would be worn down themselves from the police at the station in high sec. That’s my problem. It’s not fair to be playing and losing a lot of money. Over people who just automatically have a vendetta against everyone.

Again, it is easy for your corp to get out of the wardec. Just take down all structures.

If you don’t have any personal relations with your current corp. I’d say find a new one. Cause it seems they give little thought to their current members.

Have you ever heard about terms like “screenshot” or “off-topic” ?!

Negativity aside, the rudeness of some comments are appalling.

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