What happens when you lose all your isk down to less than 10,000?

Are there ways to make isk when you lost everything including the ship you start with? Probably won’t happen to me but just curious if there are ways to prevent a player from becoming broke and unable to make more isk since normally you need some isk to make isk.

Yes. In the worst case of no assets and no ISK you still get a starter ship (Corvette) with a civilian weapon and mining laser fitted to it by docking in a station (there’s a “board your Covette button that gives you one if you’ve no ship in the station” - not sure of the mechanic exactly: I’ve not needed it). Yes, you are starting right at the bottom of the heap again and have to crowbar your way back up it, but you aren’t completely lost. Also, you still have the skills you’ve trained so will be running a little faster already.

But always remember: only fly what you can afford to loose - that doesn’t mean “put all your ISK in one ship” but assume that as soon as you’ve bought that ship someone takes it off you. Would you have enough left to keep going as you would like to?

Don’t be paranoid about loosing things, loss is a fact of life in New Eden - it’s that edge of risk that makes life here more engaging and interesting.


Honestly, this is only an issue if you’re trying to Rambo it out in the game without any knowledge or experience. EVE is a social game and you should be hooking up with player corporations (avoid high sec ones, they’re all trash) and interacting with other players. If you ever get to the point where you legitimately lose everything, there will be others who are willing to help you provided that they know you and you’ve established some sort of friendship with 'em.

Don’t take for granted what you can learn over material gain in this game. It costs very little to learn much and can save you much more than you will ever gain by making you a more efficient player in every way.

Many players often obsess over gaining wealth before learning much about the game. They buy a lot of PLEX and focus on one thing they think will make them rich before they know much about anything. When they lose, they lose big and learn very little for the cost other than how little they really know and gain a dreadful sense of loss and disappointment that will spoil their experience in the game when they can no longer appreciate just how much you can do and learn in this game without having to spend or risk a whole lot of wealth.

Also you are free to do all the rookie mission of every career system in EVE to gain all the isk and ships that you do from those mission.

So even if you started with just your rookie ship you can immediately start the rookie career sets to regain isk and ships.

However, if you play EVE for the main purpose of making isk your never going to be happy. I play EVE because I enjoy what I do in the game. The fact that I make isk from what I do is just a cherry on top.


Just go to Jita, beg in local in a creative way for some hours and if you did it well you end up with a whole billion ISK in your pocket. :wink:


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As Kane already mentioned, the Career Agents are available: Just choose one set you haven’t visited yet, and by completing the missions, you receive several ships and about 10m ISK.

Or you just ask in Local, perhaps you’re lucky.


" In my opinion"

Fixed that to you.

There’s always prostitution. New Eden will surprise you, also horrifically.

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