Too much isk in eve?

Hello i just read the article on INN about the big capital battle. According to Imperium they can replace their titans lost in 40 hours - is this true? And if thats the case - shouldent the amount of money alliances has access to be nerfed in favor of normal players? It seems insane that you can loose that many titans and just replace it in 40 hours… or even one week.

What do you guys think?


Maybe they should make build times more realistic? It’s one thing to have the skill, capital and resources but time would balance the process. If it took 6 months to build - the logistical projections would be more interesting.

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That’s like trusting Fox & Friends to provide journalism, or asking Sean Hannity to provide technical analysis at IHS Jane’s Fighting Ships.

Always consider the source, the mechanism, the aim, the angle. EVE isn’t very different from real life you know, it all boils down to human behaviour :stuck_out_tongue: Marketing, narrative control, it’s all a thing. But as we know there’s a discrepancy between perception and reality.

Anyway, ISK in terms of reserves has nothing to do with that. The ability to replace supercapitals is a matter of military industrial optimisation for consistancy of volume output.

In other words, your ability to keep production lines going, in redundancy, without gaps between productions, and with continuity of resource supply as required. Consider the build timers of components and ships and the amount of assembly lines required. It is actually quite possible to figure out the exact production capacity and speed tresholds. Which I’m sure everybody monitors of everybody else, along with contract / market / regional data / scraping / sigint for resource tracks in support of that to offset matters.

A part of that is ISK, but the by far biggest part is resource harvesting output / stockpiling / prioritising. In the end that boils down to demographics and means. So the amount of people and the amount of stuff required to provide the required resources. Typically Rorquals.

Though you are talking about a place where leadership was outed repeatedly for asking its people to not report bots, so there’s a bit of that too.

Sure, there is a stupid amount of ISK in EVE. See the Economic Reports for details. But that is an entirely different topic.

This is talking about it in terms of isk. Build time is quite different, with a couple months required to actually BUILD the titan.

Yes, you can make a lot of ISK from supercarrier ratting and mining with 10 rorquals. But If there are no titans to buy, what good will ISK do you?

Also, why would you need to nerf the ISK? That seems unfair. If ihave 10 rorqual alts, and pay each sub for however many months it took to train those alts, and purchased 6 billion isk rorquals for each character, with the risk of losing it, why should the amount of isk be capped? Furthremore, how would you cap it? You mine with the rorquals, so the isk is in the form of minerals.

The more effort you put in and the more you risk, the more rewards you get. This is just common sense. 10 rorqual pilots and a 6 bill rorqual for each, is a lot of risk and effort.

Youre basically saying “Hey, a doctor has to go through 4 years university, another 3 years med school, another 3-4 years in residency, and finally becomes a doctor and could earn millions a year! This is insane, we should cap the amount that a doctor can make to 30 grand, the same amount that a person who works at Mcdonalds flipping burgers, with zero education and who dropped out in highschool, makes!”


Just look at Delve in the MER



Thats just propaganda, man. In reality, we only make like 1 bill a month in mining and 300 mill in ratting bounties. We poor now. Plz donate isk.

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What he says ^^ People in null sec need our help. Their space is burning, there’s barbarians everywhere, sinkholes in space popping up all the time, NPC mining ops that steal people’s ore, ships takes ages to build and replace and everyone’s rent is too damn high :slight_smile:

Empire folks really ought to consider some kind of Null Aid Support drive …

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yeah like this guy. Poor guy. Bet he just purchased that Rorqual too.

Some people claim they make a fortune selling mining permits in hisec, you might try that. :slight_smile:


I already do. But the mining permits are not meant to make us rich. We are not motivated by isk.

On a completely related note, again, i am poor, plz donate.

They cannot replace them endlessly, and when they’ve stock-piled them then that’s just good planning. Besides, you don’t buy Titans from a vending machine, but it has to be build and the raw materials don’t fall from the sky either. So if anything they say is true, which as you may know might just all be made up, would it still just be good preparation. It’s not about a single battle anyway. It’s about many.

Have you seen the MERs for the last couple years or so ? Seriously. If you have not then check it out pay specific attention to Delve, the mining, ratting and the other ISK faucets. Which rock have you been under that it just dawned on you now ?

It doesn’t exactly take a genius to figure out whats going on.

A few things already have been said. If you look at the Monthly Economic Report you’ll see that the divide has never been greater. Indeed, Goons can replace their losses with ease.

It’s not so much about the ISK faucets though and more about that there is almost no limit on how much ressources one region in Sov Null can provide. I don’t know how to say this in English, but… “the train has left the station”.

It’s not repairable. No turning back. CCP divided the playerbase for good.

I wrote this for the June 2018 MER:

Tells you something about the game if one Nullsec region with its 97
systems yields 32,25 times the bounty income of entire Lowsec with its
817 systems.

In other words: the entirety of Lowsec needs 2 and a half years to make in ISK what Goons make in Delve alone in one month. For around two years already. There is no catching up. There is no going back to the old days.

Entire Lowsec will need more than 64 years to get in ISK what Goons got over the last two years in Delve. In two more years it will be 120 years for Lowsec. There is absolutely no way that this is being turned back.

The many thousand active owners of Titans and Supers want to fight in them. They can find these opportunities with Goons and some other groups. Possible consequences for the rest of the game don’t matter. Better get used to it.

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At least we don´t need dirty RMT-money to start a war…

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How does RMT money help to start a war? You mean people buy ISK with Cash and use that ISK to run a war? Or do you mean people sell ISK for Cash and use the Cash to pay others to start a war?

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