Things to do while mining

Past couple of days I’ve been mining in a Retriever, pulling in about 13 mil an hour moon mining with the corp. Just wondering if there’s any good things to do in EVE while the miner is going. Please note that this is my only Omega toon so I can’t load up another.

well if your in a corp join a vc in the corps discord well mining and just talk but if that doesn’t work just listen to music and talk in the new player help and help them out

Watch local, hit Dscan, prepare to align out on a moment’s notice, make plans how to avoid being a victim of poeple who love to blow up mining ships.

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Project Discovery, you can do about 5 levels per day while mining, good extra income.

How much income are we talking about?

You can do ~6.3 levels of project discovery a day which will give you 19.8 mil.

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