While you mine

If your a miner and you have hours of “fun” while you mine and dont have anything to do between lzors activation period, here is a game that will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment while mining; LINK


So you need a game to play because the game you are playing doesn’t entertain you enough?

Am I missing something here?

If that’s the case you are doing something wrong.

Mining is like so dull, right? So when you’re a miner, the best and safest way to do it is to mine virtually on automatic, not be fully engaged with the game all the time and try hard to get distracted with another game (which looks a bit rubbish to me…).

This all sounds completely logical. I can’t see how this could possibly go wrong.

No. Not at all.


Why not chat to other people around you? Be social and friendly or read some great Eve Backstory and lore and REALLY get into the world you are visiting and enjoying.

Get jacked in instead of jacking off somewhere else.:laughing:

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I chat and/or watch Netflix when I mine. The fun is in how it is a relaxing way to make isks for doing more exciting things like FW.

If it works for you and you wanted to share, thanks, while the mining may not be an “exciting” thing, the only way to make it less monotonous is to increase the amount of ore you get thus miners can get it done quicker, that however is a buff, and people would lose their minds if that was implemented.

Mining with friends does this if there are orcas.

And you see how there are still people howling about taking all roids except Veldspar out of high sec, basically people are hating on something that really doesn’t effect them and are worried about folks doing a job they don’t want, crazy.

I mine in low sometimes too actually.

I use to venture into low sec long ago, see I do understand it’s not insta death to go there, I’ve even PVP’ed in low, but, I found that beyond messing around with other pilots there is not really too much incentive to go, I enjoy PVE, PVP, not really, never have, too many people get to emo when they lose, this guy I new would tip the checkers board over when he lost, others would get angry and start drunken fights over poker games, and then there’s eve, if some people find you in “in their space” they war dec you even when you did nothing more then PVE activity, so to be honest I find people like that best to just leave them be.

I am doing solo FW, so I cannot afford to rage over losing lol.

I hop around a lot and see milita members wrecks all over, many times a body that I pick up, so yup if losing ships isn’t your thing then definitely stay out of FW.

because there are people that don’t want to talk. I run a small ore buy in a region and a guy sold me 48m in ore, as I was rushing back to region to post a new order I tried to convo him, after a min or so I was rejected. found the guy in the next system over and he didn’t say anything in local either, but keeps selling his ore to me.

I have been all over eve and see next to nothing happening in locals except trade hubs. everyones running their missions or mining on automatic no social input unless they are doing it in a corp or other channel.

I chat all the time with friends, just not so much in local where it is overflowing with jerks most of the time.

Well, when i’m mining i do it by myself. And i am not talking in local. Why? Cos i don’t want to. Its that simple. Specially with YOU. I don’t know you and i’m not interested in getting to know you. So all convos will be denied. I talk in corp if i wish, but any one else? Go kiss my exhaust pipe. Sounds antisocial? Well, i’d give a flying f… . If i cared at all. Like Val i chat with my friends. And you are none of them. And just cos i don’t answer to your hails i am “bot aspiring”? Really? No, i’m just no interested in some random asshole trying to push his BS on me. My give a ■■■■ reservoir is already empty, so don’t try to ask me to give one about you. you are not THAT important. in fact, you are just as important as the next particle of hydrogen in a one paralax of space.

And if you think mining is no fun then you don’t need to. Nobody’s putting a gun to your head saying “You now go mining for the next 5 hours.” you know. Its all a matter of choice. If you chose to do PvP then by all means go and measure your micropenis with other micros. I personally think all pvpers are retarded inbreds with an iq of rotten bread. But hey, who am i to say you aren’t havin “fun”?

Yes, you are correct local chat can be an awful place to actually hold a conversation. In that respect its a lot like Twitter where anyone can see, here, interrupt, argue, deface, retweet and spread for better or worse. Most chat with friends in a social situation are done in private channels.

In fact many of us older players have many channels, some now memories and ghost towns that sit unused, some still filled with people and vibrant. I would suggest these for players rather than local if you wish true social experiences. In fact building and advertising chat channels should be a hallmark within Eves social structure moreso than corporate, alliance or coalition development. Both foreign language channels or other “pub” style channels. These are the backbone of social groups and organizations the world over and is a big tool sort of neglected by CCP throughout the years. Its not that players cant its that theres a fine line between spamming players and inviting them. Think Facebook Farmville game invites here. Then promotion of such channels and of course moderation is always an issue as we have seen in the past with the foreign language channels getting the axe.

So often I will have multiple channels flashing away at me for some length of time on my screens as Ill be too busy to even look at them or just dont want/need to. You could argue that Im being rude, such as people tend to do when going unanswered in Local, but at the same time its quite a common thing. Answering machines and messaging services are part of this. “Bah I know theyre there but it went straight to voicemail!!”

Yet what I was referring to wasnt just the social aspect but a more solo activity of reading Eves rich lore and history. Something I used to do during those “hours of boredom” that was mining… really it wasnt boring for me. Sure many would say then Im “afk” or not paying attention, thats fine. Immersing yourself in the world that New Eden is can be very immersive and stimulating. Then the next logical step is just talking about it to others or hanging out in channels with others.

What I have found is that a lot of people lack a lot of social skills, not just online but as a whole. Everyone will say they are fine, regardless of if they are not, and I can say that even I have issues dealing with people. And to find others in Eve is just as hard, if not harder, than in real life. And many people though they know a lot of people arent really friends with a lot of them. This is an unfortunate reality of all social interactions and functions. This in reality will not change much and is a broader human issue as we live more and more electronically interconnected yet physically and socially solitary lives.

The most entertaining thing while mining obviously is watching a video of someone mining!

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The only way someone can interrupt a conversation is by mass spamming. In every other case it’s your, or your chatpartner’s fault, for reacting to something that has zero meaning for our actual conversation.

So if I ignore your comment in this thread then its fine but if I respond as Im doing its my fault correct? :wink::smiling_imp:

Yes. Cos you are feeding the troll