What is there to do?

I’m a couple months in, and I’m already getting bored with the options of play available in the game. Missions are already repetitive and industry just seems too marginal to bother with.
I had hoped exploration or anomaly hunting would be fun, but after hours of running low level junk only to find one DED 4 site, I can’t say I want to bother with that again. I’d love to play more in low / null sec, but it seems you either find a large gang to murder everything with, get lucky with cloaked ships, or just get killed easily if trying to solo. There’s no middle ground that’s fun.
What the hell is there to do in this game really? I’d like to find something that is enjoyable for me plus 2-4 friends to play with that isn’t just an annoying grind.
Any suggestions?


:red_circle: You mentioned a few things that you can do. Just do what these groups that won’t allow you to rat, explore or do other things in peace do to you.
Yesterday, for instance, an Anathema and a Curse killed a Tengu on a DED plex in my vicinity.
You can also try NPC null sec missions in slightly more active areas and use them as bait for your combat recons or cloaked ships who wait in the mission for attackers while you run it. It is just another anecdotal experience but once a Tengu combat probed me in my mission without me even noticing it. I just saw a Stiletto appear within 1 AU and then within 100k km near me. Had I not been in my mission domi with neuts, I would have died to the HAM Tengu that came in after the Stiletto.
You can also rat in anomalies in null sec and have a cloaked recon next to your slightly PVP fitted ratting ship. For instance, I used to rat in a Rattlesnake and had an alt in a Pilgrim or Rapier next to my Rattlesnake. Wait for a hunter to scan you and attack you and then decloak, tackle, neut/web him and unleash Precision cruise missiles on them. Obviously, you need to pay close attention who you counter hunt as to not to get hit by a cyno hunter or a cyno hunter that is too strong.

As for the annoying grind: Let me know if you find anything in EVE that is not an annoying grind. Everything in EVE is an annoying grind, without exception. Missions, anomalies, signatures, market, industry.planetary interaction, PVP, everything. All you can do is spice the grind up a bit here and there.


It is a bit dated, but should work for you


Find a few ppl, load up on filaments, and yeet around nulsec? Works better if half null isn’t blue to you.

ANYTHING you get good at becomes a grind, even rewarding stuff. In the old days before you could sell Plex ingame with a few clicks and become days worth of hard work rich in a moment, grinding for the sake of grinding was satisfying when you got your brainwaves idled down into the dull routine.

Losec is full of valuable cash and prizes, all you can handle, you just hit a bad stretch. Maybe set course for Genesis, prefer lower security on route to eve gate, blood ded’s are often passed up because neuting.

Are you in a corp?

Faction Warfare.


You could consider the move to nullsec. Providence region is still NRDS, welcoming to relatively new pilots, and a good entry point for most aspects of nullsec life. There may be requirements on total SP on your main character for recruitment. Talk to a few recruitment officers of different corporations there.
Taking that important step can make all the difference in the Eve experience. It’s the interaction with people that make this game worthwhile, not pewpewing red brackets.

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Watch John Drees’ video series The Art of Poor, which is focussed on sustainable solo and small gang PvP. You might not want to do that, but it shows how to create content for yourself.

I also recommend looking at the Providence region of nullsec, where there are small entities of all sorts.

Lastly, Eve is very much a sandbox, and you and your friends must make your own goals. The game will not set them for you, or congratulate or possibly even reward you for achieving them. Take over a wormhole, dominate a resource, monopolize a market, farm salt, roleplay religious lunatics – I’ve come across people having a great time doing all these things.

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You have to make your own fun. You say you would like to play in low/null … so, go and play in low and null.

A bit more up to date here.

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Very much this. That’s not to say it’s easy, there are few games that place these types of decisions truly in the hands of the players and it requires some motivation on your part. From my experience it’s worth it.

this game is about finding your own way

positive edit

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Thanks, I’ll check this out!

wow i can relate to that title a lot , and its about solo life … ill binge watch dat

The problem is that I do go out in null and play. then usually get blown up after a bit. I don’t have a ton of ISK to just move there, I have to come back to high and do something to safely make ISK. Today I went out and ran a bunch of anomolies, and one escalation. Did that and lucky sold everything, before getting blown up shortly after.
Made more than I lost, so I guess it’s just more of that.

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You need to learn how to earn money in null, cuz money there is better than high

im not saying that faction warfare is the best thing in eve
but faction warfare is the best thing in eve

go to the system arzad , there you will open the faction warfare window at the right side of your screen near to undock and click enlist , ok now you are a proud member of the amarr militia

go to your map, click in sovereign , faction warfare , all militias , the map will mark ALL the systems with faction warfare activity
in this systems there is some open anomalies called complexes (plex short term we use) , there are various types of complexes but ill tell you about the 3 most important to you

inside this complexes there is a beacon and if you stay close to the beacon a timer will run, if the timer end you get LP (loyalty points ) with amarr, and you can trade LP for various items / implants/ blueprints and sell this items on the market for isk
there is 2 types of PLEXING , OPLEX (offensive plexing ) and DPLEX (defensive plexing) …oplex is wen you are inside a complex in the enemy territory ( in the amarr case the dirty minmatar) … to make the timer run on OPLEX you have to kill a weak ass npc from time to time, oplex give more LP , dplex is wen you are inside a complex in your territory , you dont need to shot the NPC because he is a friend and the timer run wen you are inside

types of PLEX
novice complex ( only frigates t1 and pirate frigates can enter ) … you see you can park inside one of this and NO BIG SHIP CAN GET YOU , NICE EH
small complex ( frigates t1 ,. pirate frigates, destroyers and t2 frigates can enter)
medium complex ( the same plus cruisers and destroyers t3)
ok inside a complex you will put you DSCAM in 1 AU , why? because all complexes have warp gates and with the scan at 1 AU you can see the enemy at the gate, if you think the fight is nice, stay , the enemy come and you have a lovely pvp , if you think the fight suck,., BAIL , warp to a safe spot and back latter

thats all you need to know about faction warfare and living in low sec with close to no money
and you can pay you plex and have a good amount of isk making this … i do it all the time


Just wait until we seal all the entrances to FW space with trig guns :smiley:


It sounds like you went to null to grind PvE for ISK.

You don’t need a ton of ISK to move there and you don’t need to make ISK safely. That idea might be what’s trapping you in a boring rut.

There’s a whole thread of alternative suggestions just above your post.