Really struggling with Eve

I’ve played this game on and off for many years now (16 year old char). I live in New Zealand, so our timezone is between USWest and AUS. I have kids and own a business, so can only play up untill downtime, not past like a lot of Aussies do.

My problem is I struggle with content most of the time. All I want to do is PVP, and I throw enough ships at it, but there never anyone online to join me, so I just go get destroyed by multiple people in null on my own. Every time. I have almost never have GF’s, it’s all just dying at a rapid pace.

I am not poor or anything, isk isn’t a problem. I just find it all so tiresome. Every time I log off I feel disappointed. I just want to pvp (and only pvp) with a good group of dudes. Why is it so hard to find?

Someone give me some advice, otherwise I will have to un-sub until my char is 20 years old…



You can join any of the nullsec alliances and enjoy organised PVP. You might have to use specific ships/fittings in some groups while others use kitchen sink fleets.

However, just flying around null and asking for a fair fight is like driving into Area 51 armed and hoping you’ll get a ‘fair fight’. No, those people defending Area 51 aren’t looking to have “a good fight” or even “a fair fight”, they are professionally defending their area.

I hope with your post, you get in contact with likeminded people and set up some kind of tournament or do planned events in low or null or wormhole space.

If all fails, mine afk with an alt using a hulk in high sec and wait nearby, there will be people coming for you for a fair fight. They won’t be expecting it though. :wink:

The kills you are getting are typical for null. Either you get a farmer or a gate camp, neither are satisfying. Try FW low sec, there are plenty of targets, plenty of blobs too but those can be avoided once you get familiar with your hunting grounds. I have flown with a few AU time zone groups and they all complain about the same thing, but from my experience the best fights happen 5 minutes before server restart.


AU has always been the hardest TZ to find good smaller scale content in. If you’re lucky you can grab the tail end of the NA West coast or maybe the early birds of EU, but then there’s that big gap where the Russians always occupied, but most of them tended to be off in their own corners of space. Even when Eve was as healthy as it ever was, we still only had a few AUs. Best suggestion I could put forward would be to try and find either a low sec group or smaller NPCish null group to try and increase your chances of at least being able to have a bit of a scrap when you do find something, but if you’re wanting to do the solo thing, you could consider WH diving or wars. Wish I had a better answer for ya. Unfortunately, AU is just the smallest TZ and I don’t think the influx of Frat+mangos has quite made up the numbers difference yet.

Consider trying Faction Warfare there is usually more activities than in random null sec and it is mostly related to small scale content.


Low sec.
Cheap frigates or dessies.
People are still willing to take undecided fights there, when they don’t have to do much to replace their ships.
You also get to keep your pod, if you’re not slow.

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Faction Warfare systems and sites seem to provide a lot of folks with 1v1 pvp.

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can i have some isk?

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I’m from Ontario, Canada so I get your time zone teamup issues. By the time I come home from work, have dinner, do the family thing, it’s not only late by my time, it’s late by most players too. I may catch some Left Coasters to fleet with but that’s pretty much it.

This was one of the reasons why I started taking a spare laptop with me to work. During my lunch break, there are more players online because their workday is ending in their timezone.

Eve is not a very good single player game. It’s a social experiment disguised as a spreadsheet simulator posing as a spaceship game. It’s a great background activity while being social, really, for most of the various ‘gameplay’ options.


That depends on your choices, you most certainly can play this solo with an active&engaging play style. It’s just that many folks are lazy and many characters are alts so they choose the low effort stuff but that doesn’t mean the game is best played that way. I’d say it’s in fact the exact opposite.

The problem is that you’re trying to get “fights” in a game not at all about fighting,, but about getting kills.

Change your goals, and the outcome will change too.

Oh, and get out of null-sec, and go back to high-sec, maybe with some low-sec on the side. The people in null-sec aren’t there to play the game; they’re there to pay off their real-life rent and credit card bills.


but… but… i lieke getting fights :frowning:

anyway listem to @Destiny_Corrupted she is right

if im am the god like space hobo she is the god like space CIA agent

focused like a lazor beam

I feel like this is wisdom I have never learned.

Thanks for the feedback all. I’ve generally flown with null blocks most of my career. The problem is now I cannot commit to the pace and attention they require.

I think maybe it’s time to try FW for longer than a week.

Add me mate. I’m Aussie and like to pew. Have the same problem.
We could go down blazing​:metal::metal::australia:

I had the same problem as you for the longest time As I’m central US TZ(Chicago timezone) but worked 2nd shift so my gaming was 0500 eve on.

How I fixed it was joining on of the Big Blocks(I chose Imperium)

The big blocks have literally thousands of players and they are from all Time zones.

Until recently I averaged 10 fleets a month since 2018 during the “ghost” timezone(0500-0700) Eve time. Now I am on dayshift for the rest of my foreseeable career.

Get with one of the major powers(I would suggest Goons, but only if you have a thick skin)

Join the channel Why Was I Ganked? and start ganking.

You’ll never get bored again.

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All I want to do is PVP

Thinking Tama is active and you may find what you are seeking there.


The good fight is rare, and a nice gem when you find one. But 99% of the time, it’s about the kills.

And this. Null isn’t about the pvp experience. It’s about krabbing.


Some might find or even consider ganking as a non boring activity in New Eden and kudos to them for their ability to prowl the star systems searching for their next unsuspecting prey without becoming so bored that they would rather undock in a barge and just relax out on a belt to mine ore.