What should I do now?

I made this flowchart because so many newbros ask “ok what do I do now”. Think of it as a guide. I may be missing a thing or two. I left out capitals on purpose.

Ive been playing on and off since 2005. Some content I never even tried and wish I had. All of it you should read guides before trying it. Almost all of it is accessible in a fleet. Even as a hardcore Faction Warfare player its a niche playstyle. Wormholes are accessible to newbros but the mechanics can be overwhelming. Which is why I organized it the way I did. Enjoy


not bad, a simplified version of the career chart that was getting remade…
though I would make a notice of anything tied behind omega, like L4’s etc.

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I think it’s fairly decent as an introduction to various types of gameplay, rather than a comprehensive overview of what someone can do in EVE. It might/should prompt a newbro (or…not-so-newbro) to ask “hey X sounds fun what is it?” and get answers.

Here’s an older version of that. Its a bit larger though.


Thank you.

Different people like different things, dislike different things, play games for different reasons and have different goals.

“Go do this” is the worst thing you can a newbie, even if it’s well meant. Tell them “these are a few of your options, go find something that sounds cool to you regardless of how much isk people tell you it makes or if it’s fun to them”.

I’d scratch high sec belt ratting from your list. You really don’t want to waste time on that, unless maybe once, where you want to clear just one daily challenge in a hurry and you happen to be in high sec for a moment.

Mining: at the very least move that one to “additional content”. Someone in the game has to do it, but it doesn’t have to be you.
Structures: also not something for the main bucket list.
PI: ditto.

Null sec frigate explo: not just for experienced players. Also a good bet for novice players.

Novice frigate PVP should go somewhere on the main tree as well.

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