Is ESS good for isk while having fun?

Why do it?

I am very much interested in PvP but haven’t got the isk to fund the activity yet. So is it worth to do PvP while stealing ESS? Is it a good starting point to learn PvP or I’ll just get blown up?

You should look at FW

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Because I get a sick thrill from supercap bots hiding in their nyxs while I loot their 200+ mil in 5 minutes.

All in rapid succession from system to system. Got two cloaky alts that log on every hour just to rob a particular ESS. His bot hasn’t figured it out yet, that’s how often he checks up on it.

I pick up the bounties in a helios every two weeks. About 4-5 bil per two weeks for logging in on two characters once every few hours.


So you’re telling me you make 200 mil from robbing a main bank in 5 min? Impressive. And how have they not caught you yet? Must be empty.

The key is to observe and time the countdown.

When the super’s cycle just starts, you don’t anything. You come in around 15-45 minutes before it’s over.

If it the count is early just log off asap.

Try to mimic an old fashioned “deep safe” and drop a secure can there. In the few times I’ve lost my ships, I still had the can in the middle of no where, storing all the ISK from previous hits. Also remember to reanchor the can.

Best ship is 100mn Celestsis.

Fit all lows for speed and all mids with sensor damps and rigs for fitting and ewar (inverted field rig)

Bring nanite paste to repair your 100MN AB at least eight times (ships average 80-100 paste before death from Huggins)

Spam dscan, preoverheat AB while hacking ESS, while pointing in the direction of a random celestial (moon or belt) after you warp off, warp again to another celestiral and cloak. Log off asap once you can.

Once you get a reputation for being unkillable, fleets wont form to hunt you, and you’ll start to remember the names of Huggin pilots.


Final note, only use tier 1 celestis or tier 1 stabber for this. If you fly t2/faction/bling, fleets will form just for your shiny km.

Be discrete.

Be cheap.


Final tip:

Use web drones on the first pursuer as well. Combined with 3 targeting range scripts damps, you can’t be caught with 100mn overheat. I’ve even escaped huggins.

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Cool setup. But can’t people just destroy the secure can? And how long have you been doing this? Just curious.

They can destroy the can. But only if they know it exists.

The best place for them is to short out your capacitor between the the two most distant celestial objects on the rim of a solar system.

Save the bookmark, then go a third distant celestial, and short out again to the bookmark.

This second bookmark is no longer in line between any two celestials and near the edge of the solar system.

No one will find that unless they already know it exists (and most that do know it exists, won’t care to look for it).

So you put up cans randomly in random systems so that you can come back to it and store it there?

Here’s a screenshot of 72million I just stole from Fraternity (like just now).

Write down the names of all the easy systems (like these) where they don’t respond. I take from this system at least twice a day.

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Here’s another 75mil pickup.

Needless to say the alliance “Literally Triggered” was literally triggered.

4 Nyx and 3 golems, no one challenged me. But they did rage in local.

I held them for an hour while making and eating dinner, then started the hack at 5:30 so it looked like the same timer to lazy eye.

After a while only the true afks remained. You know they’re the afks because you see their relatively short corp histories (about 2 years old) compared to all the veterans that logged off (10+ years). Thus I know they sat in a station for a year+ with training implants to max out super skills and were then bought on the bazaar (and thus I know they can’t hurt me).

These are things you’ll pick as you get used to it.

All check individual kill boards while cloak camping, tells you which player(s) (if they suddenly log back in during your hack) are coming for you.

And yet one brave newbro in goons chased me off by simply appearing within 1AU with an RLM bellicose.

When newbros outclass super pilots.

Love this game.

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Isn’t it an alpha ship?

The goal is to never fight. The Celestis is fit for solo ESS. If anything comes within 1AU of the ESS you burn out and warp, and deploy web drones and sensor damps and whatever is attacking you.

Thus a newbro in a bellicose will force me off, as could any of the seven bots flying supers in alliance administrative positions. It only takes one brave guy/gal to approach the ESS with any cruiser+ and I’m gone.

The Celestis is fit for solo ESS

USe the MWD + Cloak trick between gates, and use your star map option "Pilots in Space last 30 minutes) to avoid null camps.

Another tip is not to disable your 100MN when you warp. This will drain your cap, and you want to drain your cap on warp so you stop midway in the middle of no where.

Remember the building a reputation of being uncatchable, in a cheap t1 hull, is how you secure the ESS heists. Fleets won’t form for you, and even dedicated defensive hunters will give up when you put three targeting damps and 5 web drones on their phantasm.

This ship also stands a fair chance against huggins. Make sure you spam lock him and hit him with three overheated damps asap.

Now they know

They are 99% bots and are unlikely to read the forums or know the names of my alts or where to even search for the cans lol

Ah if they are bots then you are right…

Watch me escape this Huginn at ESS at end of Video

Obviously this is not the most ISK efficient activity.

The payoff is the Huginn tears.

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Here’s all three videos I made for you:

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