Old Player looking for PvE tips

Hi Friends,

Looking to return for PvE. I would like something to do that’s not very time consuming, maybe 15mins or so per activity.

When I left that was mission running.

What’s available now?

Not looking to earn loads of isk loot etc, just something to do when I have an hour spare.


Abyssal space, is limited to exactly 15 minutes so should be perfect for you.


Factional Warfare, do one deplex in a novice site that takes 10 minutes or in a small site that takes 15 min.

Avoid PVP if you want PVE and you will only kill the rats inside the site… PVP will come to you tough so you can have something more interesting, or you could simply warp off.

You can always go ESS hunting in Null in a StratCruiser fit for cloaky warp. 15 minutes could net ya 500 mil or 2 billion ISK.

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What is ESS please?

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Part of the changes they made to Null bounty farming to limit endless AFK farming in Null.

Along with Dynamic Bounty Modifier - DBM:

They’ve both had mixed reviews depending what side of the Null farming fence you’re on.

PI in lowsec easy 600million isk per month per pilot and that is if you want to spent less than 15 minutes.

Remember though never take your materials off the planets until they are at least stage 4 or stage 3 if running ice planets.

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