I do ESS raiding

ESS is how I get isk.
I use filaments to move from hi-sec trade hubs to null-sec.
Pochven inbound filaments and wormhole scanning to get back to a trade hub.
Ive been in system with ESS isk and no other capsuleers.

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Is your bot broken?


The system I am in.

The system next door.

Its free isk.

What time are you usually playing? And how often are you finding systems with people in them, and are you just filamenting out if you encounter other people?

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Yeah, I saw you posted for a public ESS fleet a few days back. Are you trying to get a community based off of ESS raiding going?

Transfer done.

I play in the EU timezone.
If there is one player in system and I want isk. I go for the ESS.
If there are 2 players in system and i want a fight. I go for the ESS.
If Im being chased maybe I filament out.
Shipwreck Jones,
Anyone send me an eve mail then we will raid ESSs.

Ya… I make like 200 times what you made there with a fraction of the work or risk. The ess thing is great for getting a fight out of locals but for isk it’s ■■■■.

Last night (around 9-10pm EST) I literally flew 63 jumps through multiple regions of nullsec through lowsec back to hisec and saw almost no one until I get into hisec.

All depends where you are in null and time of day.

So your a criminal. People pay real money to play EVE and work hard and you just come in and steal from them. So that’s theft. Reported.

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38m? You can make more than that doing compression in the Forge


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