The ESS system will just make new players quit the game

Hi, new player here. I got this game only about 2 months ago and I’ve been really trying to get into this game. Learning a lot of new things but one thing that was clear to me is this game doesn’t care about new players. When I decided to play this game it was because I love world building, and the player created economy. There are many ways to make isk and start your journey, but this game is nearly unplayable without good skills.

The ESS system is a prime example of ■■■■■■■■. “If you dont want your isk stolen, fight and pvp.”
Even with Omega, the fits and options available to older players makes pvp nearly impossible to win. All I hear from the more experienced players in the comments is “suck it up.” Like seriously? Must be easy to say when you can fly a damn Vindicator with a 3-5bil isk fit.

My other point. Don’t force me the play the game a certain way. For me personally, if I was to play a game like minecraft, I would play in creative mode and build various structures. In a smilar light, I joined this game to make isk and have fun making ships in industry. So I work my ass off grinding skills to rat, and not you’re saying around 30-40% of all my isk is gonna be taken be other players because they played longer than me? If you dont want it to happen just pvp? The people that are stealing from these ESS are pros, they know what they’re doing and have a huge advantage over me in every way. What the ■■■■ can I do? Find a new method of getting isk? Great i’ll just get this 95+ day skill training done to get 1 new way to do things. All of your skilling up to now was for a purpose, well sucks to suck. Oh need isk for skills? Well sucks for you. I can go on and on im sick of hearing “Find a corp, adapt, pvp” when the people that are saying this already have hundreds of billions of isk in assets. They can’t imagine being new and not having the ability to do those things independently.

Ratting is a grind. It’s not even fun. It’s the isk you grind that you use to do what you want. if I want to pvp, i’ll use my isk to do that. if I want to make ships, I’ll do that too. Don’t force me to pvp if I was smart enough to recognize that it would be a bad idea. What happened to it being a sandbox and letting players play the game how they want to play.

For me, the ESS system has basically told me “uninstall.” wait 3-4 months after skills meet minimum requirements to actually play the game. Then pay us more money to buy more omega to so that you might be able to do anything at all. That’s pretty ■■■■■■ up.

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Excuse me, sir, this is New Citizen’s Q&A, not “carebear whining center”.

You will not be missed nor will anyone care.


The ESS applies to sovereign Nullsec only. Sovereign Null is supposed to be high risk to balance the high reward.

Newer players can earn a pretty good living running DED 3 & 4 sites in Highsec or lower level Abyssal content - Gila is the platform of choice for both activities. Risk is low but the DED sites aren’t instanced so other players can steal the prize.

If competitive or cooperative interaction with other players is something you want to avoid, Eve is probably the wrong game for you!


EVE Online is a PvP game, Nullsec is dangerous.

Having said that, go away, unistall!

Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.


A. If you joined for the industry side, why are you ratting?
B. If you joined for the industry side, ESS doesn’t apply to you.
C. ESS is only applicable to null-sec, where if you want to live there, you should fight for your right to live there.

HAHAHA…You do know, that even without ESS, that still applies…as it is null-sec.

If you want to null-sec rat…find a good corp or adapt and fight for your right there.
btw, not having billions in assets…getting stuff blown up is too much fun to hoard ISK.

Can I haz your stuff?


You won’t be missed.

good riddance


You say you are a new player… but new players are not ratting in null unprotected by a big alliance. You don’t need to fly a Vindicator, but you should have someone in your corp/alliance to be able to defend you and your ratting ticks. This is the whole idea of player controlled space. If you want NPC controlled space, you can choose going back to highsec, and if you want to stay in null, join a better corp which is able to defend their space.


Wait what ? Now I’m confused… people allways say null is safer than hisec…

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