Just came back to NullSec liveing after a break from the game

Hi Guys

So CCP really screwed NullSec ratting with this BRM system.

I came back after a break from the game.
Thinking i would go back to NullSec and get some more PvP and make some easy isk. This new BRM system does not seem like a friendly Nullsec citizen thing. The more u rat the lower income u get…
That does not make sense in my head.
Does CCP want people out of NullSec and get them back to HighSec where u can make more Isk?
Love this game but the BRM system i really dont like as a NullSec Citizen. The Bank Pvp system i think is a good idea, but punish players for ratting to much in a system makes no sense…

Have a great day

Nootex Dox


And that’s the problem.

Isk shouldn’t be easy in nullsec. And anywhere that gets over farmed earns less and less rewards. You’ll have to move about to spread out your farming or live somewhere more dangerous. Yes - like hisec.

Is that all there is to do in Null, ratting? I thought it’d be more adventurous than that.

I wonder if this is a signal from CCP that they expect players to fight over limited scarce resources, and that free infinite easy AFK botting is not acceptable.


Not sure if still relevant but seems to average out quite well.

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the chart is being heavily updated by another individual

on a side note, I was wondering when a “just came back, im not happy” post would appear.

there’s always one or two that pop up after the monthly updates and they are usually the same thing just worded differently.

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Tbh, I recently just came back as well. As someone who doesn’t have time to do heavy setups or multibox a lot etc, I find that lvl4 missions or 0.0 ratting is best.

Carrier ratting is better, but you’re more at risk, and you need good intel on the system/pipe.
WH farming requires wormhole with a decent setup and you’re capped by the number of sites available in the hole (and really, you should scan your hole out first etc, like there’s some prep work to be done)
Finally, it feels like for every hour of incursions I run, i spend 3 hours on waiting lists …

If you only have an hour or 2 available, just run a few missions or run a few sites in your favorite 0.0 system.

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Had Finally found a good system to nullsec rat in it had 109% BRM

Now after DT it has 50% BRM

CCP hates nullsec ratters confirmed

Nullsec and high sec players traveled in 2 opposite directions in what was revealed to be a circle, arriving at the same destination. 90% of both groups are turn crabs.

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