BRM's bugged?

BRM’s bugged all over the place, they tanked literally overnight

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What’s BRM?

I saw a question like that earlier. I haven’t found a true answer but based on what I’ve read sofar I’m gonna make a guess:

Bounty Ratio Modifier

I know nullsec ratting has an added “feature” that modifies the payout per npc shot in nullsec. The more NPC’s get shot (called ratting), the less they pay out per NPC. A larger and larger portion of the bounty goes in a “bank”. This is done in percentages; normally it starts at 100% payout. With more NPC’s being shot this ratio is modified so the bounty payout becomes 80%.
Aka; the more you earn ISK, the less the payout becomes. ISK/hour drops.
You’re supposed to move to another system with a BRM more to your liking. Or systems that arent farmewd that much recently.


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Yea seems like it

Had a system that was 109% and after DT it was set to 50% just like WTF

I love nullsec and ratting but BRM is killing my Nullsec mood…

CCP claimed on Reddit that it was an unforeseen circumstance of an issue with… well, the main post is linked in this thread:

As I mentioned in my reply that post, my tinfoil hat is currently on - the timing with the update to the low-BRM patch the day before this happened is awfully convenient. My corp filed a bug report over a month ago when we noticed that the BRM was no longer being updated, and CCP failed to confirm anything was out of the ordinary.

In hindsight, the ESS/BRM update was clearly a predecessor to the waste mechanics in the scarcity updates. Rat, lose some to ESS. Then lose more to the Reserve Bank. Then lose more to space when you rob it. Then lose it all when you get popped on the way out of system. Content created, isk faucet plugged. Everybody is happy, right? :smiley:

I HATE them. I find that they are a way of pretending you know something deep and technical and can feel superior when someone has to ask what the the they stand for. And it is typing laziness.

Wait…uh…I like ls, bc, fusr, fsck, pr, gcc, ps, etc.

Never mind.

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