Massive BRM Reductions following Last Nights Downtime

As the title says, a bunch of systems in our nullsec area had their BRMs go from middling amounts (120%+) down to the minimum (50%) following last nights downtime? from the agency tab, the number of systems in Etherium Reach that had a BRM of 50% went from 0 to 21 literally overnight.

Is anyone else encountering this? I saw nothing in the patch notes saying there was going to be some sort of adjustment.

Pls stop nerfing Dronelands.



I pay for 3 game accounts but these extreme nerfs make me start thinking about quitting, this game is no longer fun with there changes what make living in nullsec more frustrating.


Yeah, Querious checking in. 101.3% yesterday. 12 Hours later 50%.


Cobalt Edge can confirm. Multiple systems dropped from 140%+ to 50% after DT

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Can I have your stuff?

Here’s your answer:

Tuesday, February 15th, we get a patch that affects low-BRM systems, designed to put more isk in the reserve bank without actually paying the ratter any more, because “content”…

CONCORD has updated Dynamic Bounty System parameters.

  • Dynamic Bounty System parameter floor raised from 30% to 50%. Solar systems that are running at the minimum bounty risk modifier will instead produce 100% of bounties with 50% of each bounty entering the ESS Bank.
  • Increasing the maximum Reserve Bank payout by 33.3%

Developer Comment:

We are increasing the amount that goes into the reserve banks by taking from what was previously being lost. Now in worst case scenarios (minimum payments), 100% of the bounties will be produced by direct payments and ESS Main / Reserve bank funneling where previously the sum was 58.2%.

Wednesday, February 16th, we get a patch that finally fixed a BRM bug and mysteriously nerfed a large number of null systems down to 50%. A bug which my corp CEO reported two months ago, which CCP declined to confirm existed, and which CCP addresses on social media as an unforeseen circumstance…

As for why we didn’t communicate to expect this sudden change in the patch notes, I had communicated it internally but as a purely behind-the-scenes infrastructure change that wouldn’t actually change anything directly for players. That would have been true if not for the delay in fixing the connection issues that caused the aforementioned drift and now the sudden changes in the BRM values. And because I had tunnel vision on the infrastructure side without thinking about the numbers (because the integrity of the data used by the calculation and the formula that computes the BRM were unaffected by this change), I didn’t re-evaluate that perspective in time to realize a public patch note would be needed to communicate what to expect from this fix.

No way the two are related, though. Total coincidence!

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The BRM crap has played out badly and CCP still hasnt posted an actual resolution. Once the BRMs dropped massively due to some “possible:” issues, we have lost tons of isk and the BRMS come back so slowly. our rules for NOT ratting in systems with BRMs below a certain number caused excessive ratting in key systems instead of moving around to keep them balanced. Now they are totally messed up and it will take a very long time to get them back into balance,
just my opining, but CCP should reset the BRMS to 100% if they were ones that took the massive hit.

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